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“We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be!” –Cherokee Feast of Days

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November is National American Indian AND Alaska Native Heritage Month.

Americans stand united –

Prayers for those who have given their lives fighting for freedom. Prayers and sincerest condolences to the families of these brave heros, who will never be forgotten! God speed to those who continue to sacrafice, and thank you!!!
— Nancy Thomas, Keeper of “the People’s Paths!”

“Aniyosgi Dotsigusdaa. ~ Unelanvhi Wigadoligi Ama Ayetli.”
We support our warriors! ~ God Bless America!

The People’s Paths


This Internet site was created in the hope that all people, no matter what their own culture, may be able to find a bit of information that might be helpful in the understanding of American Indian Culture and other Native Cultures from all over our Mother which is called Earth!

Native People’s Cultures are as diverse as nature, but with good reason! Nature is our teacher and guide for walking the path of life! The Native Cultures teach that it is the human species responsibility to take care of our Mother! Only appreciation is asked, for what she gives us, in return for her care!

Progress is a wonderful thing! If we can keep some of the beliefs from the First People’s Cultures, that are alive and well, incorporated with the technology that leads to progress, it may help all peoples to live in a more harmonious world not only with Nature but with each other as well!

It is time to Celebrate and Appreciate the Diversity in the Human Species as we do in Nature! The rose is beautiful, but how long would its beauty be appreciated if it was the only species of flower we had to enjoy! It does not matter what name the Creator goes by or if you believe in one, many or none at all! The experience of a storm, rainbow, or just the sun rising and setting tells us there is a much Greater Power that speaks to all cultures and this Power that we call Nature survives because of diversity!

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How Effective Was Navajo Code?

"One Former Captive Knows" By Tim Korte, Sanostee, New Mexico By the close of World War II, Army Sgt. Joe Kieyoomia shared something with the secret words employed by the Navajo Code Talkers: both were like granite against Japanese efforts to break them. Captured...

North American Indian Historical Sites

Mounds, Pyramids, Related National and State Parks Regional Information & Sites | Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kentucky | Minnesota | Mississippi | Montana | New Hampshire | New Mexico | North...

Cherokee Word List I

English to Cherokee ~ Words and Phrases Beginning with "I" Ice - Unesdala Ice Cream - Agadatlvda unesdala Idea - Adanvtedi Ideal - Ulilohi Idealize - Galvquododiyi Ideals - Tsulilohi Ideas - Adanvtesgv Idiot - Golagi nigesvna Idle - Gohusdi nadvnehvna Idol - Unelanvhi...

Cherokee Word List M

English to Cherokee ~ Words and Phrases Beginning with "M" Ma - Etsi Machine - Gotlvnvdodi Machinery - Gotlvnidasdi Machines - Digvtanidasdi Machinist - Gotlvnvsgi Mad - Uhnalvhi Madam - Ageyv Made - Gotlvnvhi Madman - Uhnalv asgaya Magazine - Goweli digoliyedi...

Desecration of Sacred Sundance Ground

BIG MOUNTAIN, AZ - Today (8-17-01) at approximately 5:00 a.m., the Office of Hopi Lands, Hopi Range Management, Resource Enforcement Services, Hopi Tribal Police, Navajo County Sheriff, and BIA impoundment trailers entered Camp Ana Mae, a sacred religious area located...

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Supreme Court

Text of decision on jurisdiction in malt liquor case. The following is by and from, Bob Gough, Stu Kaler and Jonny BearCub Stiffarm, Attorneys for the Estate of Tasunke Witko. Email: Rpwgough@aol.com There have been numerous requests for the posting of the Rosebud...

Implications of Malt Liquor Case

WHY IS THE "CRAZY HORSE MALT LIQUOR" CASE IMPORTANT FOR INDIAN TRIBES AROUND THE COUNTRY? On November 17, 1997, in the federal courthouse in St. Paul, Minnesota, attorneys for the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Court, the Estate of Tasunke Witko [Crazy Horse] and the AriZona...

Cherokee Word List S

English to Cherokee ~ Words and Phrases Beginning with "S" Sabbath - Unadodaquasgv Sack - Degalodi Sacred - Galvquodi Sacrifice - Alisgolvdodiyi Sad - Uwedolisdi Saddle - Gayahulo Saddle bag - Digitsadi Safe - Niganayegvna Safely - Ganayegi nigesvna Safety -...

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