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  • NAIIP November 2002 News Path!
    "North American Indian & Indigenous People"

    • Thankful for the Calm, But...
      "Chronicle Articles Cause for Concern"
      Jonas Ehudin, Media Coordinator BFC
      Buffalo Field Campaign News From the Field
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Thursday, Nov. 28, 2002)

    • Respect for True Indian Heritage Needed
      "Stop Treating Indians as holiday Novelties."
      Guest commentary by Prof Gregory Reinhardt
      and Asss. Prof Christopher Schmidt
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002)

    • Bull Bison/Buffalo Shot This Morning
      "Please Take Action by Contacting
      Becky Heath, Forest Supervisor."
      BFC Update From the Field by,
      Jonas Ehudin, Media Coordinator BFC
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Thursday, Nov. 21, 2002)

    • First National Diabetes Prevention Campaign
      "HHS, 'Small Steps, Big Rewards', Aims At
      Stemming Rapid Rise in Diabetes Across U.S."
      Department of Health & Human Services News
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002)

    • Clarifing Use of The Term Genocide
      "Letter to Att. General Plant"
      From Janice Billy, Spokesperson,
      Skwelkwek'welt Protection Center
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002)

    • 'Native Heroes' Essay Contest Announced
      "Contest Continues Through November 31,
      National American Indian Heritage Month"
      From Rob Schmidt, Pub. Blue Corn Comics
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Sunday, Nov. 9, 2002)

    • BFC Update from the Field
      "Citizen's Buffalo Petition"
      From Joshua Osher & Mike Mease
      Buffalo Field Campaign News
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Thursday, Nov. 7, 2002)

    • HHS Expands Information on Web Site
      "For American Indians And Alaska Natives
      On Consumer-Oriented HealthFinder® Site"
      News from the OPHS Press Office
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Thursday, Nov. 7, 2002)

    • Spiritual Protection Alert
      "Medicine Lake Highlands, Northern CA"
      From Radley Davis, Pitt River Tribe
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Saturday, November 2, 2002)

    • AISSP Celebrates 25th Anniversary
      "Native American Heritage Month"
      From Cindy Peterson, Director
      American Indian Student Services
      Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Friday, November 1, 2002)

    • Native Language Revitalization
      "Lecture Free & Open to the Public!"
      Department of American Indian Studies,
      University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Friday, November 1, 2002)

    • National American Indian Heritage Month
      "President George W. Bush Proclamation
      Released on Friday November 1, 2002."
      From the Office of the Press Secretary
      (NAIIP News Path ~ Friday, November 1, 2002)

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