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An Important Music CD and More distributed by:

Four Winds Trading Company
635 South Broadway, Suite E
Boulder, Colorado 80303

Orders: (800) 456-5444
Office: (303) 499-4484
Fax: (303) 499-6640
email: sales@fourwinds-trading.com

Call for a catalog Of Native American music & books,
plus sage & cedar smudge sticks, sweetgrass, flutes,
buffalo robes and more!

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
"Songs For Leonard Peltier"

[**Note: In the insert of the CD a card is found making it easy to let the President of the United States know that it is past time to, release "political prisoner" Leonard Peltier!]


"On the Pine Ridge Reservation In South Dakota
Between 1972 - 1976... Numerous beatings, rapes
and "accidents" occurred." --from the insert

  • In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
    (A book by: Peter Matthiessen)

  • The Trial os Leonard Peltier
    (A book by: Jim Messerschmidt)

  • The State of Native America
    (Edited by: M. Annette Jaimes)

  • Incident At Oglala
    (A film produced and narrated by
    Robert Redford, directed by Michael Apted)

  • Warrior: The Life of Leonard Peltier
    (A film by Susie Baer)

Further Information May Also Be Obtained by Contacting the:

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
P.O. BOX 583
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone: (913) 842-5774
Email: lpdc@idir.net
URL: http://members.xoom.com/freepeltier/index.html
URL2: http://www.freeleonardpeltier.com/

"We thank all of you,
seen & Unseen, heard & Unheard, known & Unknown,
Who support this project."
--from the insert

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