“You do realize That, Don’t You?!”
YOU, are a Vital Ingredient to Me! Do I have to say that Again?
“WHY?”, You ask? Just “WHY” are You so special to Me??
Well, it’s simple …. “it’s because You are You!” A unique and one of a kind Individual! Like A Snowflake! No matter how many (snowflakes) fall, over the expanse of this globe … no two can be the same! And just like A Snowflake, no matter how many People I meet or I am working with …. there will never be another YOU!

You Are Just That Unique and Important!!
I’ve seen the difference that One Individual Can Make!
I’ve seen the difference that One Idea Can Make!
I’ve seen the difference that One Vision Can Make!

In All of this Vast Expanse of The Universe, As We Know It, There IS only One – YOU! You Are The SUM and TOTAL of ALL of Your Ancestors That Have Gone Before You. You are The Repository Of Their DNA, of Their Beliefs and Experiences, Of Their Noble “Struggle For Life and Achievement!” In a word or two ….

(Smile, and You probalbly thought that You had Designer Jeans, right? …. Calvin Klein, Sergio, Chic or Lees … right? (;-)

Do You realize that HISTORY is made and the Course can Be Changed By Individuals? Individuals with An Idea, A Vision, A Desire or A Committment! Individuals with A Purpose or A Quest! Yep! Individuals can and do Change and Effect The Course Of History! Need some examples?

Recognize Any of These?

Martin, Malcolm, Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Lennin, Lincoln, Aquino, Sitting Bull, Black Elk, Marti, Zapata, Villa, Mao, Sun Yat-Sen, Shaka, Mohammed, Buddha, Ghandi, Vishnu, Moses, Confuscious

Should I go on?

All of These are Individuals! What’s Special About Them, is that they Affected or caused Change to the Course of History. HISTORY, is OUR STORY! Think About It. Like it or not, PEOPLE are connected. Like it or not, what One or More of these Individuals did …. has affected Your Life, no matter who or where You live in the World!

Now understand that History is made everyday. What Happens Today, or even Tonight … will be History Tomorrow! Is This Not True?

Now understanding that with One Individual, with One Idea or One Vision, Today or Tonight, CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND MINE, Tomorrow… “Are You willing to just Sit Back and Let The World – Happen Around You?”

Can I relate a short saga to You? It’s about A Guy, “who chose to sit back”. He almost rather sit back and spend his time Thinking than most anything else. Matter of fact, He found that spending His time in the Pool, was not only relaxing but Mentally Stimulating! He further found that He “Thought Better In The Pool.” Swimming underwater, proved to be an electrifying mental experience! He found that All sorts of Thoughts came his way, underwater. Wow, “What A Rush!” So many thoughts in fact, that he needed to write them down. He came up with a pen that writes underwater! He had to just get all of these thoughts down, while he was – “just sitting back thinking …. underwater!”

One of his Thoughts was of a “removable medium, that a computer could record on.” Is that ever crazy? Imagine … sitting underwater thinking about a removable record for a computer. What will they “think of next?” Oh, by the way, He decided to call it, of all things ……… “A Floppy!” (Smile) I bet You didn’t see that one coming …. did Ya’?! Well, it’s the True Story!

And would You agree with the fact that The Floppy (Disk) has Affected and caused a great Change to The World A We Know (or Knew) It! Floppy Disks are in use ALL OVER The World! And They carry, record, archive and retrieve and convey, Information & Data, in every sector of Society! Now That’s Recent History! The Floppy Disk (as We know it Today) has only been around a decade or so!

Now if someone …. anyone … had told You that “A Guy, who sits in underwater and Thinks …. would be responsible for changing the world as we know it” …. would You have believed Them?

To some it would have sounded like the “crazy idea or vision of an individual.” It would have probably even been dismissed …. and then just think where would we be! I’m glad somebody listened!

So-o-o-o, all of that to say, An Individual’s Ideas and Visions, can be Uniquely Irreplacable! Vital Pieces of The Puzzle! The Puzzle That We All Hope To See – “A Better World & A Better Future!”

That is Why … You Are Vitally Important To Me! I need You and Your Ideas and Visions. The Are Unique & Irreplacable – To Me! They Are Expressions of You and a small part of The Sum & Total of All The Generations of Yours, Before You! How could You think that I could possibly pass on such an opportunity, to benefit from such A Unique Experience or pass on sharing such Unique Friendship ….. “I Couldn’t!!”

So, if my letters to You are slow … please don’t give up on Me. I would never abondon or forsake a Friend, let alone forsake an Individual as Special as You, …. and we’ve already agreed just how Unique You Are … Right?!! (smile) So, don’t give up on Me, okay?

I’ve been busy establishing (and networking) “lines of communication” so that not only can we as Individuals Share Our Unique Thoughts and Unique Visions, but …. “Hey, why not get EveryBody Connected!”

As My Letters, Correspondence, Mail and Energies go out around the World …. so often, they begin Their dutiful 7 to 10 day journey to reach the Far Corners. At the same time, I’ve most recently been on the Electronic Computer Network, on the Indian Affairs Conference. “What in the World is That You Ask?”

Well, simply speaking, it means that People, who have access to a computer, and a modem, and “the lastest news on telecommunications” can sit at their computer and Electronically Talk to Other People using Computers, all over the United States! Oops! I almost forget, let me change that to say, All over The North American Continent, because we can’t forget to include, all of those Fantastic Friends up in Canada! There are People working right now, to help those in Central and South America, learn “just how easy it is”, so that they can get connected up, and talk to everybody who is on the Computer Network and Conference!!!

Let me tell You about The Moccasin Telegraph –

The Moccasin Telegraph is …..
Ooops! Guess I’ll have to continue this later, eh?

* Int’l Computer Users Group * Washington, D.C. *