I live deep within
Steep canyons,
That cradle sparkling creeks,
Where trees and bushes
Garment the hillsides
In a million shades of green.

When I walk the ridge
Early in the day
I keep company
With squirrel, fox and deer.

Osprey call down the canyon
As the morning sun
Turns the treetops silver.

I stand high above Elk Creek
A song teases itself
Into my awareness.

I wait.

Far down the canyon
It begins.

A sound like rushing water.

From miles away,
It begins to build.

It starts at the mouth
Of Elk Creek,
Where it joins the Klamath River.

The sound holds me.

Far in the distance
The trees begin to dance.


That’s the sound,
The song I hear.

Here it comes
Up the canyon.

Sweeping along,
Swaying the trees,
Sight and sound merging.


Plays just for me.

Loud the song of wind and trees
Swirling around and through me,
Coming up the canyon.
I am in awe.

For long moments
I am the chorale,
And then it’s past
Moving up the Canyon,
Fading into the distance.


I stand alone
Humbled by the gift
Of these precious moments;

To be awake and aware,
To catch
The Canyon’s Song.