This is the most up-to-date information on the opinion survey as of today (I still have a couple hundred more to input). For those of you that have already completed the survey, thank you very much. For those who have not, please take a moment to voice your opinion (it is completely anonymous and voluntary) at the following:
[**Note: Space and script for online survey, donated by “Orphanage Services!”]


The following survey was initiated by myself, Barry Landeros-Thomas, a doctoral student at the Ohio State University. I currently work for the Center for Human Resource Research on the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1997 cohort). Yes, that is for you Byrdettes out there who would question my qualifications.

After witnessing the blatant attempt at a campaign of misinformation by the Byrd administration, I felt that a poll was needed to find out where the majority of Cherokee stood regarding the Cherokee Nation leadership and subsequent actions that evolved into what has become known as the Cherokee Nation Crisis.

The results are currently as follows:

Total number of respondents: 2074 (to date)
Total number of Cherokee respondents: 1555
Total number registered to vote in CNO: 1002
(several more indicated that they will be registering soon)
Average age of respondents: 40.77 (min-18 max-88)
Total number of male respondents: 728 (45.6%)
Total number of female respondents:877 (54.4%)

1. I support the actions of Principal Chief Joe Byrd.

86.3% DISAGREE 7.1% Unsure 6.6% Agree

2. I believe the termination of the Cherokee Marshals was an appropriate and justified act.

91.8% DISAGREE 6.3% Unsure 2.0% Agree

3. I believe that Principal Chief Joe Byrd should recognize the Judicial Appeals Tribunal’s reinstatement of the Cherokee Marshals.

2.3% Disagree 5.7% Unsure 91.8% AGREE

4. I believe that the impeachment of the Judicial Appeals Tribunal was an appropriate and justified act.

84.5% DISAGREE 14.2% Unsure 1.3% Agree

5. I believe that Principal Chief Joe Byrd should recognize the Judicial Appeals Tribunal as a valid tribal court.

2.7% Disagree 6.0% Unsure 91.3% AGREE

6. I believe the Byrd administration has consistently upheld the Cherokee Constitution.

80.3% DISAGREE 17.4% Unsure 2.3% Agree

7. I believe that it was appropriate and necessary to invite the Bureau of Indian Affairs into the Nation to assume Cherokee law enforcement duties.

92.7% DISAGREE 4.5% Unsure 2.7% Agree

8. I believe that the actions of BIA and other outside law enforcement personnel have been appropriate and justified.

90.5% DISAGREE 6.5% Unsure 3.0% Agree

9. I believe that Chief Joe Byrd’s performance of his official duties has been excellent.

90.3% DISAGREE 8.4% Unsure 1.2% Agree

10. I plan to vote for Joe Byrd in the next election.

92.7% DISAGREE 6.8% Unsure 0.5% Agree

Many thanks to those that have gotten the word out and distributed the surveys at pow-wows and other functions around the country and gotten people to use the on-line version.

The majority of the sample was taken during the holiday in Tahlequah (random opportunity sample at the courthouse and the heritage center–also the Murrell House). Therefore, anyone that was at the holiday had the opportunity to complete a survey, cutting down on selection bias. Other respondents range from Oregon and California on the west coast to NY and Baltimore on the east coast.

The survey contained some basic demographic questions (age, sex, tribal affiliation, etc.) along with ten forced choice opinion questions on the crisis–the responses were on a 7-point Likert-type scale ranging from Very Strongly Disagree (1) to Very Strongly Agree (7). If you need a more professional description, I can put it in journal “Data and Measures” and “Results” format if requested.

Wado, Barry

Barry Landeros-Thomas
c/o The Ohio State University
Center for Human Resource Research
921 Chatham Lane, Suite 200
Columbus, Ohio 43221-2418.