Prophecy Message Delivered and Submitted 11/22/93 at the “Cry Of The Earth” General Assembly, United Nations, New York

Submitted by Martin Gashweseoma Hopi Caretaker of the Sovereign Hopi Nation For The Great Spirit, Massau’u

We come here from the Sovereign Hopi Nation to attend the “CRY OF THE EARTH” conference at the United Nations. We are proud that you have opened the door for us. My name is Martin Gashweseoma. As Hopi, we have come here to present our message which is about how we first came here from the previous world. The Hopi way is to lead a good life and through our ceremonials and mediations, we take care of this land and life. We still have the sacred stone tablets given to us by the Spider Woman. This is our title and deed to this world, and it was given to us with the life plan to follow, and with strong instructions and serious warnings. It was a good life. When the rains came and brought a lot of mois- ture, then our crops would yield enough for all living beings, including the ants, animals, birds, plants and human kind.

Before leaving the previous world, we came up here to ask permission from the Great Spirit, Massau’u, if we could live here with him because the world down below had become corrupted. He told the people “It is up to you if you are willing to live with full respect for my way of life.” They said, “Yes we are willing to live your way.” So with his consent we came here, into this new world. This world is where the Great Spirit, Massau’u, first appeared to all first peoples, and gave them their instructions and rules to follow. Then the Spider Woman laid before them ears of corn of different colors, from which to take their sustenance and livelihood. The greediest people hurried to pick out the longest ears. But the Hopi, being the most humble waited until last and chose the shortest ears of corn. Spider Woman then gave all the peoples their instructions. She also gave each group of people their own language and name and told them to migrate to every corner of this continent leaving their footprints, clan markings, and ruins to claim this land. Those who found the Great Spirit, Massau’u, first would become the leaders of those who would come later. So they migrated all over this land.

Before the migrating peoples arrived at the place where the Great Spirit, Massau’u, lives, he used to take walks nearby his home. Coming back home, bringing back violet flowers, he dropped them along the way. After discovering he had dropped the violet flowers, he went back to look for them, but the flowers had already been found by the Horny Toad Woman. The Great Spirit, Massau’u, asked if she would give it back but the Horny Toad Woman refused. Instead, she told him that in time there would be a crisis in this world, with which he would need help. At that time she would be there with her steel helmet to help. Meaning that someday if the Hopi got into trouble, a group of people with the steel helmet would help them.

It was the Hopi who found the Great Spirit, Massau’u, first. On meeting him they asked him where he lived. He told them that he lived at Orabi. He did not give its full name which is Sip Orabi, which means the place where the earth was made solid. They asked the Great Spirit, Massau’u, if he could be their great leader. But the Great Spirit, Massau’u, saw in them that they still had selfish desires and many evil intentions. He did not want to be their great leader until they fulfilled all their desires. He would then be their first leader and the last.

The Great Spirit, Massau’u, let the first group or clan who had found him live there with him and settle down. After that, each subsequent group of people who came to settle in Orabi after their migrations were allowed to stay based on judgement of their character and how they had traveled when they were searching for the Great Spirit, Massau’u. Those who were boastful and arro- gant were sent away to the east. Those of humble and sincere hearts were allowed to stay and keep the ceremonials in the proper manner to ensure rain for the crops and all living things. After this was settled, all the things that were to come were told to the first people in Orabi by the first people that came from the under world. And these understandings or prophecies as they are also called were continued, passed on from generation to generation from that day to this.

The people were told of another race of people who would come to this land and claim it as their own land. We were told not to accept anything these people would offer to us, but it will tempt us and be hard to resist. They would be intelligent and the inventors of many things. Now we realize that these people are the light-skinned people, the Bahanas. We were told of something that would come that would be pulled by animals, meaning wagons or carts. And ones that would run very fast, meaning automobiles and other motorized vehicles. We were told of the land being cut up by long roads and fences, and of highways that would be built in the sky. And that women would adopt male clothing. And that the secret of women, with clothing, covered, would no longer be secret, but be revealed and exposed….

When this happens, all the world leaders and all the people will be corrupted and will not know whom to look for direction to correct this corruption. When all this happens, it will mean that we are all nearing the end. Then the wars will come about like powerful winds, and will spread from country to country and bring Purification or Destruction to this world. The more we turn away from the instructions of the Great Spirit, Massau’u, the more signs we see in the form of earthquakes, floods, drought, fires, tornadoes, as Nature makes ready her revenge. All of this will happen at one time along with the wars and corruption.

We see this now as young children become
angry, killing each other and their parents.
They show no respect. We are all corrupt.

If this Purification does not materialize then the world will turn over 4 times and will leave only ants here to start a new life. Before people came to this world they were sick, just as today, we are sick from all this corruption. Now we are seeking a way to solve our present situation.

This is the last world, we are not going anywhere from here. If we destroy this, the highest world, which is like heaven, we will be given no other chances. Let us consider this matter seriously so that this world is not destroyed, so that we can continue to live and save this land and life for the generations to come.