Delivered and Submitted 11/23/93
General Assembly, United Nations, New York

September 1962
Re-submitted 11/23/93 by the Grandson of Monongye, Manuel Hoyungowa, Messenger from Sovereign Hopi Nation and Prophecy Message of Monongye, Religious Leader, Sovereign Hopi Nation to the United Nations

My name is Manuel Hoyungowa, of the Sovereign Hopi Nation. It is a great honor to be able to be here today to present a few of the Hopi prophecies and some of the problems that we are facing with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), which was created by the U.S. government and the Hopi Tribal Council.

I would like to begin with some messages given to us by our elders. How it used to be a good life, now our lives have changed. Because of this new education, new culture. From the beginning it was forced upon our forefathers to go to school and learn new ways. As years went by, education became something that we accepted and it became normal to go to school so that we could further ourselves. As I was growing up I remember that our elders traveled with donkeys, then with wagons, then the first automobile came. All these came about, the things that our elders and high leaders, discussed in meetings at my grandfather’s house. Now I know why they discussed these things with great concern, as I came to realize that this is true. I too am concerned now. I am not a high leader. I am just a common person that realizes this world is in trouble. I did not ever believe that I would be here to talk to the world. We are facing a serious situation and the world is out of balance. Out elders are old now. They knocked on the door of the United Nations many times, but they refused to open the doors for them. Most of them are too old now or gone. Therefore, we are coming to bring this message on their behalf to the United Nations about our prophecies.

Our elders say that the white men just came over yesterday. We say this for we have been here for many thousands of years before them. When the white men came, an intelligent person, he invented many things. He changed things.

He had the same teachings from the Great Spirit, but he changed the symbol. He brought his own symbol and he wanted to convert the Hopi people to Christianity. In many ways he wanted to change us and take our lands away from us.

So it is this foreign influence that is disturbing the Hopi way of life and has almost destroyed the life plan given to us be the Great Spirit. Not just the Hopi people, but all native people that live on this land.

When the white man first came here we welcomed him and fed him. We greeted him with open arms and let him live here with us. After settling down in our homeland they built something called the House of Micah (the United Nations). The House of Micah speaks of a good life and has said: “That if anyone has any troubles, if no one will help you anywhere, bring your problems over to us and we will help you with our writings. That we will correct and change these things, not by war, but by the law, and stop all of these wrongdoings.”

Now, as we come here, most of our land has been taken from us.

The Hopi Tribal Council looks to the Secretary of Interior for its authority and power. In our traditional form of government we look to our elders for council. Also, we wish it to be known that the Hopi Tribal Council violates its own constitution and by-laws in refusing to consult with our elders before important decisions are made. Our sacred land is being stripped of our mineral resources, a violation of the agreement we have with the Great Spirit to live here as caretakers of the land.

The Hopi Tribal Council was created illegally for the purpose of signing our lands away for mineral resource development in co- operation with big business. The Hopi Tribal Council for greed has been created to negotiate business deals with Peabody Coal Company for the strip mining of Black Mesa/Kayenta mine, the largest coal strip mine in the country. And for monetary gain our water is being depleted, and our survival is at stake. Over one billion gallons of water each year is being pumped from our aquifer to transport coal. This is the only coal water transport system-slurry line in the United States in a desert environment. Without water we cannot survive.

And in addition to the desecration of our sacred land, and depletion of our water, we are facing water pipelines, electricity and phone lines coming into our village of Hotevilla. We know that these things cannot come into our sacred village. Hotevilla, the last traditional stronghold, in prophecy is connected to the four directions. We have always rejected these conveniences and in this, the final phase, we must remain Traditional and Strong. If we fulfill our prophecy and our village of Hotevilla, allows these conveniences to come in, then we face sudden destruction and purification in this world. Our traditional elders and forefathers have always been fighting this. But the Hopi Tribal Council is strong and has forced their way into all the other villages. We ask you now to help us ensure that Hotevilla continue to preserve the traditional way.

We have always been required to obtain permits to herd cattle, livestock, housing, farming, coal and wood gathering. This is not the Hopi way. Now some of the highest Hopi religious leaders are asking permission from the Hopi Tribal Council to obtain permits to farm and herd cattle and for housing. Instead of the Tribal Council asking the Hopi religious leaders for permission to do these things. So now they have almost complete control of our land and life, and we are at the last stages.

It was told to us that the Hopi will be the last ones to have their lands taken away, of all native peoples. And we now have has our own borders drawn under our feet, indicating that all our land has been reduced by White’s man’s law putting us within a boundary they call District 6.

Since most of our elders are gone and old now. They were supposed to come speaking as high leaders from our Nation to you. Therefore, we are bringing their message to you on their behalf.

So it is up to you to consider these matters seriously to follow up this with a serious investigation. We invite you to come to Hopi land on behalf of the high religious leaders. You are most welcome to come. If you do not take any action about what we believe to be these wrong doings, Purification or Destruction may occur.

For this is our belief that we know that something terrible might happen, Purification or Destruction. If we work together we can try to save as many lives as possible. That is why we are here today to give you our strong message. We give you 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months to come to Hopi land and investigate these matters.

Nothing was supposed to be taken from within our ground. This is sacred land and no minerals were to be taken out of the ground. This we know is why the earth is now out of balance. It is imperative at this time that you come out here look into these matters, otherwise Purification will come without mercy. The white man has almost destroyed all the life plan given to us by the Great Spirit. If you investigate these wrong doings and correct them then you will purify yourselves and avoid any punishment. This will also bring the life plan back to order. But since we have deviated from the life plan it is up to you, the world leaders to return by example.

When the white man came and offered us many things, and papers for us to sign. We have refused to sign these things that would risk our land and life. We have never signed a treaty with the U.S. government and any nation. From overseas the foreign people came here to talk about a good life plan and built a House of Micah (the United Nations). Our elders said that we could come to you with our problems. We have tried to bring our problems to the U.S. government but we have received no help. Therefore, we come again to you to ask for help.

I wish to refresh your memories back to a critical time in 1962, when my grandfather, Monongye came to the United Nations but was not allowed in. The same situation still exists and we are again facing a critical situation. He has stated that when the evil forces take over then we face corruption. And it is this corruption that has created the world out of balance. In fulfillment of my grandfathers great desire to speak before you, I am now honored to finally bring to you these words on his behalf.

The purpose of this gathering of Indian and non-Indian Brothers is to consider seriously, together, a way to accomplish or fulfill the great task of bringing about World Peace, Brotherhood and Everlasting Life for all good people who are now living with us in our homeland.

So let us remember that we are gathered here not only for the Hopi people, but we are seriously thinking of the future and benefit of all other Indian People on this continent. And we include the white people who have come upon our land and settled with us.

These matters are of no small value, this is not a little thing. Instead, this is the very foundation of all of us humans who are living on this land. Our common life together is based on the Life Plan our Great Spirit has given to us. It is a Life Plan with strong instructions and a serious warning that we must never lose faith – no matter how difficult that may be.

As foretold by our forefathers, our prophets, we may find ourselves in these ‘Last Days’ tightly bound up with irregularities of man-made laws or be suffering greatly for neglecting the spiritual laws of the Great Spirit, Massau’u. Evil forces may take control of our forms of government of the world and rule dictatorially. All over the land, freedom of the people will be suppressed or denied them. Evil rulers will look more to material things than to the spiritual laws of the Great Spirit. When this happens there will be unrest all over the world. There will be gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the world, and wars will come about like powerful winds.

What Is To Be Done Now?
Where Shall We Go From Here?

How are we going to save ourselves from this terrible invention of war? These questions are, we are sure, in the minds and hearts of men everywhere today. Humanity stands at the brink of self destruction. A majority of the people are and have been led by their evil leaders to the edge of disaster. Are we going to submit weakly to rules or leadership of Evil Men to our sorrow and shame or are we Courageous and Faithful enough to return ourselves to the spiritual road of the Great Spirit?

Great Spirit, Massau’u who we firmly believed is here with us, listening to us and watching over us, long ago gave to all races of people a good Life Plan to follow. His commandment to all was “Be Faithful Always and I will be the Last.” Then in very clear and simple words told us to love one another, to be kind to all people, animal and plant life on this Mother Earth. Hopi and other Indian Brothers are fully aware of these great teachings.

But What Happens Today?

Mankind is doing exactly the things the Great Spirit told us not to. For material gains many people have killed, lied, stolen, robbed their neighbors’ property and heaped falsehood upon their fellow beings. There is hardly any true love, only hatred in the hearts of men today. The greatest concern of the Hopi and others, at this moment, is not the powerful weapons invented by men but the WRATH of the Great Spirit. The more we turn away from the Great Spirit the more He will punish us either with earthquakes, floods, lightning, great winds or all kinds of sickness or drought.

I am sorry to say that your leaders in Washington or the White House seem to neglect this truth and insist on making more powerful weapons of destruction. They will never bring about real peace. They will only bring sudden death to all living things on the Earth. Knowing these truths and facts the Hopi leaders will continue to adhere to the teachings of the Great Spirit. They will not want to molest human being or animal or plant life. Hopi will not invent anything to destroy human being. Neither will they allow their minerals to be taken out at this time, for they know they will be used for war purposes by present leaders. Our Great Spirit has sternly warned us against it. Therefore our leaders will not want our young men to be forced to go to war in foreign soil.

Hopi leaders and Religious men will stand firmly upon the words of the Great Spirit for they have made sacred oath or agreement with Him that they will never turn away from Him.

We know from our ancient teachings that there will be many good white people who will one day understand us and help to preserve and maintain our Spiritual Way of Life, for they will recognize soon that the only way to salvation for them in the future is to help the Hopi in this hour of need. This has been also prophesied.

Our Hopi leaders who have faith in the Great Spirit, have been beaten up by U.S. Government officials, jailed and forced to make roads on our land. Yet, in spite of all those injustices, they remained faithful to their religious beliefs. They continue to work and pray for all of us so that the Great Spirit will not neglect us or punish us, but will save all those faithful ones and allow them to enter real peace, brotherhood and everlasting life.

But before that day comes there will be a day of Purification of this land. These are some of the things that Hopi people know and adhere to in order to save many good people at the Purification Day.” And in fulfillment of our mission here, both with the spirit of my grandfather, Monongye, and I.

We firmly believe that coming together today like this is a fulfillment of one of our prophecies. So we hope that you will listen to our warnings and act accordingly.

Thank you.