We are all united by a common concern and a common aspiration: How to save our Earth; How to build again the Ancient Bridge of Harmony within the Human Race and within the Environment; How to ensure the Respect for Human Dignity and Fundamental Human Rights.

(We have gathered in this house of the United Nations to hear the Spiritual Elders relay their prophesies and describe their Visions…)

Ibrahima Fall
Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights

Our Elders have the firm belief that as Human Beings, as Brothers and Sisters coming together – instead of fighting one another, destroying one another – we should put this aside and talk to each other as we are today. We should share this Spiritual Knowledge that We have from the Four Directions – and maybe out of it We will be able to bring back a Good, Balanced Life…

This is the Last World – if we destroy this World – the highest world, which is like Heaven, we will be given no other chance. So let us consider this matter seriously so that this world is not destroyed, so that We can continue to to live and save this land and life for Generation to come.

Hopi Traditional Elders
Statement to the United Nations
November 1993

Today’s historic Gathering is part of a mounting recognition that our Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Indigenous 1st Nations are the Custodians of a Wealth of Knowledge that is Vital to our Survival and the Survival of the Extraordinary Richness of All Creation.

We are all Inheritors of the Legacies of the World’s 1st Nations. Through millennia of urbanization, we have lost contact with the abiding value of our place in Nature, and the knowledge of the Implicit Sacredness of Nature.

S.R. Insanally
President, United Nations General Assembly

Greetings, People. Our language is Spirit, from the Heart. Even if you don’t understand what we are saying to you, we are talking to your Hearts and to your Spirit, not just to sound good to your ears. So with this, we thank the Great Spirit for the support given to our Elders – for the Words of Wisdom, Words of Life – that are given through the Messages shared by our Elders; shared to all of you kind people today. We are not talking for nothing today. That understanding will come when you have had time to digest these words. With this we thank you kindly. Migwetch.

Mark Thompson
Ojibway Spiritual Leader
United Nations Statement
November 1993

You can count on all of us to work on the Heart of the Whole World in our Country – in our Land. We have this Center of the Four Directions, and it is in our Heart. Our Heart – Our Collective Heart – Protects you all.

Huichol Delegation
United Nations
November 1993

When the seven cycles of destruction end, a new spirit will dawn on you – a new spirit of good cycles, of days and moons and years. You will be awakened to this new spirit – that will also awaken the Old Spirit, and will bring back the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders.

A New Spirit and the Old will open the Visions of the New Cycles.

Mi’qmak Delegation
United Nations Statement
November 1993

The Earth has not many Children. The Earth has but One Child – which is All of Us. We are all Children of the Earth. We are all Children of God and we are all One on the Planet.

Let us pray for the Earth. It is absolutely necessary to work together to protect the Planet. We see the World, and the many hands that are sustaining the World. The World is like a ship. Let us be stewards of this Ship. The whole World is One. We are all part of the World. God is helping all of us – and our Message should go beyond this room – because God has made this possible. Thank you.

Maya Traditional Spiritual Elders
United Nations Statement
November 1993

Videotapes Available of:
The Cry Of The Earth: The Legacy Of The First Nations

Nov. 22, 1993 – The Prophesies of Turtle Island
at the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber
Nov. 23, 1993 – The Wider Circle: Issues and Imperatives
at the United Nations Church Center

These videotapes are of the Cry of the Earth Conference, co-sponsored by The Wittenberg Center. The proceeds of the sale of videotapes go towards continuing the work of the Cry of the Earth Conference. The prices quoted are for VHS home use. Indigenous groups and grassroots organizations who have an annual budget of under $30,000 should submit requests in writing to obtain free copies of the footage, which will be provided as funding becomes available. Educational institutions and libraries should call or write for educational prices for the material.

The purchase of this material does not convey any rights usage. All rights to the material herein are held by the traditional representatives of the participating Nations, and any usage of this material must be cleared directly with them.

DAY ONE – The Prophesies of Turtle Island

1) The North – The Algonquin & Mi’qmak Nations (Canada)
2) The South – The Huichol & Mayan Nations (Mexico)
3) The East and West – The Lakota and Iroquois Nations
4) The Center – The Hopi Nation

*Each VHS tape is approximately 2 hours.
*The cost per tape is US $35 plus US $3 postage and handling.
*The four tape series is US $125 plus US $6 postage and handling.

DAY TWO – The Wider Circle: Issues and Imperatives

Representatives of twenty-five indigenous nations from North and South America present the substantive issues that are affecting their lives today. Their combined voices truly convey The Cry of the Earth.

Each tape is two hours. The cost of the two tape set is US $55 plus US $5 postage and priority mail.

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