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TAHLEQUAH, OK – The Cherokee National Holiday committee is seeking nominations for the fifteenth annual National Living Treasures awards. The awards will be presented during the 50th Cherokee National Holiday, August 30-September 1.
The award is designed to recognize Cherokee craftsmen who have practiced and perfected the technique of a craft considered to be a part of traditional Cherokee culture.

Crafts may include gigs, bows and arrows, basketry, stone marbles, blowguns, water drums, stone and woodcarving. Other crafts include turtle shells preparation, flint knapping, stickball sticks, traditional clothing, pottery, pipe making, clay or shell jewelry, weaving and other crafts.

A nominated craftsperson must have practiced his/her craft for a minimum of 10 years and must have perfected the techniques utilizing all-natural, non-commercial materials. The craftsman must be a Cherokee tribal member. Selected individuals are officially designated by the Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee National Historical Society.

Since inception of the awards in 1988, fifty-four individuals have been honored. Those inducted in 2001 were Richard Shade, Lost City, for bow making, Polly Jane Whitekiller, Tahlequah, for hand sewn quilting, and Margaret Wilson, Tahlequah, for hand sewn quilting. Posthumous Recognition was given to Willie Jumper, Sr. for stickball stick making.

The deadline for nominations is August 12, 2002. For more information or to nominate, contact Sammy Still or Choogie Kingfisher, phone: 918-458-6170.

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