“It should be remembered that hundreds of people of African ancestry also walked the Trail of Tears with the Cherokee during the forced removal of 1838-1839. Although we know about the terrible human suffering of our native people and the members of other tribes during the removal, we rarely hear of those black people who also suffered.”
— Wilma Mankiller (autobiography Mankiller: A Chief and Her People)

**Cherokee Elders Council
The Cherokee Elders Council promotes and preserves the Cherokee language, culture,
and traditions through teaching and community involvement. Cherokee Elders Council
is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, composed of action oriented, not politically
affiliated, Cherokees 55 years and older. Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma

**Cherokee Preservation Foundation
“The Cherokee Preservation Foundation’s purpose is to improve the quality of
life of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and strengthen the western
North Carolina region. The Cherokee Preservation Foundation was established
on November 14, 2000, as part of the Second Amendment to the Tribal-State
Compact between the EBCI and the State of North Carolina.”

**Cherokee, North Carolina
“The official homepage of the Cherokee Nation ‘Eastern
Band of Cherokee Indians’, Western North Carolina.”
* Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation
*Tribal Enrollment And Genealogy Research

**The Museum of the Cherokee Indian Cherokee, NC
‘Welcome. I want to tell you a story, a very old story…’ “So begins your trip through the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The museum is located at Highway 441 and Drama Road in Cherokee, North Carolina, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, a federally recognized tribe.”
*Giduwa Cherokee Language Lessons
Cherokee language study with emphasis on the Eastern dialect or the Giduwa dialect.
This group is no longer active, however, the notes for the lessons still remain online.
Visit the museum online and/or contact Bo Taylor for more information!
Send e-mail to: botaylor@cherokeemuseum.org

**Cherokee County, North Carolina
“Cherokee County is located in the Southwestern corner of North Carolina. It is in the Blue Ridge chain of the Great Smoky Mountains. Cherokee County has two towns, Murphy, the county seat, and Andrews. The population of the county is 22,416. The town of Murphy has a population of 1,588, Andrews 1,797; where the charm of small town America still exists.”
*Cherokee County Historical Museum
“Cherokee County Historical Museum, Inc 205 Peachtree Street
Murphy, North Carolina 28906, phone: 828-837-6792”

**Sequoyah Birthplace Museum
“Sequoyah (1776-1843) Soldier, Statesman, Silversmith and creator of the Cherokee writing system. The Museum is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and is a duly chartered tax exempt organization.” Vonore, Tennessee

**Welcome to Cherokee Central Schools
“The mission of the Cherokee Central School System of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, with an awareness of our cultural uniqueness, is to educate students to be productive and responsible citizens in an ever changing world by committing our energies and resources to provide meaningful and comprehensive programs.”
*Cherokee Elementary School, North Carolina
*Cherokee Middle School
*Cherokee High School

**Cherokee Central Schools Mission Statement
*Cherokee Elementary School
Cherokee Culture, by Heather Payne
*The Cherokee A Thematic Unit
*Cherokee “An Adventure of the American Mind Lesson”
[This path is a must visit!]

**Smoky Moutain Mall: Cherokee Indians Smoky Mountains

**Cherokee County North Carolina
*Historical Highlights of North Carolina

**United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians ~ Tahlequah, Oklahoma

**Testimony of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee
Indians in Oklahoma 2002, Dallas Proctor, Chief
Regarding H. R. 2880 Five Nations Indian Reform Land Act
Before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs – Sept. 18, 2002

**Burning Phoenix ~ Written by Allogan Slagle for the UKB 1993. http://www.YvwiiUsdinnvnohii.net/articles/burnexrp.html

**United States Department of the Interior
“Indian Ancestry – Cherokee Indian Ancestry”

**Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma – Tahlequah, OK
*Cherokee Nation Washington Office
126 C. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001
Email: cnwo@cherokee.org
*Cherokee Casino Resort Casinos
*Cherokee Nation Enterprises: Career Opportunities
*Cherokee National Holiday
*Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma Gift Shop Online

**Housing Authority Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma
1500 Hensley Drive, P.O. Box 1007, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465
Phone: 918-456-5482 or 800-837-2869 ~ E-mail: info@hacn.net
Offices – Administration Building: Tahlequah, OK
Area I: Stilwell, OK * Area II: Tahlequah, OK
Area III Jay, OK * Area IV: Claremore, OK

**Cherokee Nation Industries – Since 1969
‘A Blue Print for the 21st Century’
“Cherokee Nation Industries is a minority business wholly
owned by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO). CNI was
founded in 1969 and was certified as a 8(a) company by
the SBA in January 1993. We are a multi-million dollar
diversified manufacturing and service company with
experience in government contracting as well as commercial
ventures. CNI is headquartered in Stilwell, Oklahoma, with
regional offices and/or facilities in Tahlequah Oklahoma;
St. Louis, Missouri; and San Antonio Texas.”

Cherokee Phoenix
Celebrating 175+ years of Native American Journalism

The Cherokee Nation Radio Show currently airs locally on
KEOK 101.7 FM on Sundays from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. and on
KTLQ 1350 AM from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m. and Wednesdays
http://www.lakescountryradio.com/ from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m.
For more information about Cherokee Nation Voices & Sounds,
http://www.cherokee.org/Culture/Radio/Default.aspx contact
Dennis Sixkiller, by phone: 918-453-5433. Listen to archives online!!!

**Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma 1995 Constitution

**The Cherokee Artists Association
The Cherokee Artists Association: “To provide a central resource
of professional artistic services, referrals, and design expertise to
potential clients and markets, both in and outside of Cherokee Nation”

**Cherokee Small Farm Project
“For 4,000 years, our ancestors passed down their ways of producing food and stewarding the land. Many Cherokee families would like to continue this tradition. The Cherokee Small Farm Project is a way for farm families to share information. Cherokee Nation supports farming as a life way. It strengthens our bond to the land, and adds to our health, wealth and sovereignty. Until we have a farming department, this E-List is our Sga-Du-Gi. Each person’s questions, advice, comments and thoughts are important.”
*Cherokee Nation Agriculture News E-mail List
To subscribe send an e-mail to Steve Swogger with “subscribe cnan” in the subject line.
For more information contact, Steven Swogger, Agriculture Liaison to the: Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma c/o Natural Resources Department P.O. Box 948 Tahlequah, OK 74465 Phone: 918-456-0671 (ext.2546) FAX: 918-458-7673 E-mail: sswogger@cherokee.org

**Loyd Arneach “Loyd is a full-blooded Cherokee who who keeps the past alive.”
‘Cherokee, North Carolina’s Own Native American Storyteller’
http://www.arneach.com/ ~ E-mail: info@Arneach.com –
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-476-6240, Asheville, N.C.


**About Cherokee, North Carolina
(AboutCherokee.com is not part of the
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.)
** Cherokee Indians, In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

**Cherokee Trail Of Tears Park
Located In Hopkinsville Kentucky

** Tennessee Trail of Tears Association
“We are the Tennessee Chapter of a National Non-Profit organization
known as the Trail of Tears Association. The Trail of Tears Association
works in partner with the National Park Service to mark, promote, and
preserve the Trail of Tears Historic Trail.”

**Trail of Tears Association, North Carolina Chapter

**21ST Century Waterfront Chattanooga
Public Art at the Pier and the Passage
“A new pedestrian passage beneath Riverfront Parkway
in front of the aquarium expansion will include a
permanent public art installation celebrating Cherokee
culture, symbolism, and mythology while commemorating
the forced removal of the Cherokee Indians on the Trail
of Tears. The artwork is being designed by a team of
five Cherokee artists from Locust Grove, Oklahoma.”
**The Chattanooga Riverfront Story ~ Reconnecting to the River

**Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride
It’s more than just a ride, it’s an experience…

**The Cherokees of California, Inc.
“A non-profit tribal organization. It is not affiliated with the Cherokee
Nation of Oklahoma, nor is it a federally recognized tribal entity.”
*Cherokee Language Lessons ~ by Richard Francis

**The Cherokee Heritage Center
P.O. Box 515, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 74465 – 918-456-6007
“The CHC is operated by the Cherokee National Historical Society.
Located just three miles south of Tahlequah, on the original site
of the Cherokee Female Seminary.” Contact: P.O. Box 515; Tahlequah
Oklahoma 74465. Phone: 918-456-6007 ~ FAX: 918-456-6165
E-Mail: info@cherokeeheritage.org.

**Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma
‘Where the story of the American West Unfolds’

**Tahlequah, Oklahoma – Indian Territory U.S.A.
“Capital of the Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma”
“One of the most historically significant cities west of the Mississippi
River, Tahlequah was the end of the “Trail of Tears” for the eastern
Cherokees. Since 1841, Tahlequah has been the capital of the Cherokee
Nation and has been strengthened by its historic origin.”
*Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce

**The Oklahoma Heritage Association
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*The Oklahoma Hall of Fame
*Oklahoma Heritage On-line store
The art work of the late Willard Stone, creator of “Exodus”,
is offered. “Exodus” has been adopted by the Cherokee Nation,
Oklahoma as the Nations logo. The art work of Evelyn Stone
Holland, the daughter of Willard Stone, is also offered.
Cherokee Indian wood sculptor and artist, Evelyn Holland
is internationally known and an artist in her own right.”

**Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston
“The purpose of the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston is to
build community, to preserve Cherokee heritage, to perpetuate
the Cherokee culture, and to build the future of our people.”
Location: 19414 E. Hwy 6, Alvin, Texas 77511 – 281-331-9788

Path to more language resources!

**Cherokee-Online ~ Cherokee Syllabary Guessing Game

**Cherokee Language & Culture ~ Cherokee Made Easy
‘An Oklahoma based Native American business since 1974.’
“Our purpose is to make it easy to learn the language and history. We provide well researched products priced for anyone interested in providing their generations a portion of Cherokee culture. We emphasize language and history.” Contact owner/author Prentice Robinson, a Cherokee and member of the Cherokee Nation, who has spoken the language all his life.

**Lux-Aeterna Speaking Clock (Cherokee language available!)
“Speaking Clock Deluxe is a program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that makes your computer tell the time out loud, along with functions for alarms, timers, a calculator and full support for agents and speech engines. You can have the time announced in over 25 languages, no other clock will offer more or better languages!” (Shareware ~ Made in Sweden)
*Speaking Clock Deluxe http://www.lux-aeterna.com/clock
*Multilingual Speaking Clock http://www.lux-aeterna.com/freeclock

**Cherokee Syllabary “Pronounciation Guide & GIF”

**Cherokee Culture ~ From Tribal Artist Ken Masters
*Cherokee Language & Songs
“I believe Cherokee is one of the world’s most beautiful languages spoken
today, very gentle and melodic. To me, hearing it is like hearing the
sounds of the waves of a deep blue lake washing over the gray stones
along the shore, soft and rolling but coming from a deeper source…”
*Plants “With their Cherokee names and traditional uses.”

**Cherokee Nation, Dikaneisdi
“The dikaneisdi (Words/word list) contains over 7,000 words
and sound files of translations. Courtesy Cherokee Nation, OK.
*Cultural Resource Center Language Services

**Wehali Enginering ‘Software Development’
*Translate English word into Cherokee Online
“WAP/WML version is also available.”

**Giduwa Cherokee Language Lessons
Cherokee language study with emphasis on the Eastern dialect or the Giduwa dialect.
Includes sound recordings. Offered by the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.
*Cherokee Museum
*E-mail Bo Taylor for more information!

**Dr. William Pulte – Bilingual Program
“Dr. William Pulte was born at Gainesville, Texas on January 13, 1941. Pulte
received the B.A. and M.A. degrees in Spanish at NorthTexas State University
and the Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1971.
Dr. Pulte served as staff linguist for the Cherokee Bilingual Education Program
at Tahlequah, Oklahoma from 1971-73. Dr. Pulte became joined the faculty of the
Department of Anthropology at SMU in 1973.”
*Southern Methodist University – Dallas, Texas

**Northeastern State University – Tahlequah, Oklahoma
*Native American Information at NSU
*College of Arts and Letters – Curriculum
“LANGUAGE, Cherokee (CHER) – The following courses are listed
to be used for the concentration area of Cherokee Bilingual
Education of the B.S. in Elementary Education program while
it is in effect.”


**People’s Paths Bookstore & Musicstore
“Includes paths to selected Cherokee materials.”

**Welcome to Cherokee-WNC

“A website dedicated to information on the Cherokee
Indian Reservation & Western North Carolina.”

**Willard Stone Museum & Gallery ~ Locust Grove, OK
“Willard Stone (1916-1985) is an internationally famous
wood sculptor and artist of Cherokee descent. Stone’s
award winning works are housed in museums and private
collections throughout the United States and abroad.”
*Willard Stone Online Gallery
*”Exodus” Representative of the Trail Where They Cried. http://www.willardstone.com/gallery/smexodus.html

**The Swimmer Collection of American Indian Art
Ross O. Swimmer, former Chief of the Cherokee Nation,
Oklahoma, presents the art work of Cherokee artists.

**Red Clay State Historic Park Cleveland, Tennessee
“Red Clay State Historic Park is located in the extreme
southwest corner of Bradley County in Tennessee, just
above the Tennessee-Georgia state line.”
*Annual Cherokee Days of Recognition
Held annually the first week-end in August, Red Clay State Historic Park Cleveland, TN.

**NDN Art Gallery ~ Tahlequah, Oklahoma
‘Award Winning Art From the Heart of Oklahoma’
“Art cheers, enlightens, soothes, heals and nurtures the soul.
Native-owned Indian art gallery specializing in award-winning
art; including originals, prints, pottery, sculpture, baskets,
beadwork, jewelry and music. Located in the heart of the Cherokee
Nation. Muskogee and Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Cherokee owned and
operated contact: Lori Smiley lori@ndnartgallery.com.

**Native American Orphans TM ‘The Ultimate Soft Sculpture’
“NAO are rare collectibles created by the Cherokee artist,
Margaret Flanagan. Since each doll is an original and takes hundreds
of hours of labor and love to create, there can only be about 12
dolls handcrafted per year. Each doll’s clothing and moccasins
are sewn from deer hide, complete with beadwork and feathers.”

**Cherokee Publications
“Providing Native American Products since 1956.” Native American
Indian books, tapes, cassettes, maps…. Cherokee, North Carolina

**The Cherokee Connection Mall: One Stop Shopping!
For Sale: Art, Beading, Books, Cassettes, Crafts, Clothes, Dolls, Dreamcatchers,
Herbs, Food, Jewelry, Leather, Musical, Ornaments, Totem, Teepees, more…!
“To connect to all tribes and provide assitance to tribal members. Assist in
the education of all people in the Native Culture, Heritage, Languages and more.
Provide free services and genealogical assistance to anyone who needs or wants
help. Assist in Tribal membership applications. Provide “One Stop Shopping”
for Native American goods and Services.” Paulden, Arizona

**Chadwick “Corntassle” Smith ‘Cherokee Attorney and Legal Historian’
“Currantly serving as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, OK
Contact: Chad Smith – P.O. Box 9192 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74157-0192
Phone: (918) 446-4601 ~ E-mail: Chadsmit@ionet.net

**NAITCA ‘Native American Indian Talent & Casting Agency’
“Native American Actors & Actressses! Register with NAITCA Today!;
NAITCA has assisted in casting Native Americans in such productions as:
Tecumseh, Last of the Mochicans, Walker, Texas Ranger and more. Producers
need central sources for casting and NAITCA is becoming one of their
Oklahoma resources for talent.” Contact: Orvel Baldridge, President
email: naitca@fullnet.net

**Turnbull & Associates
Professional Casino Cage Operations Consulting & Training
‘Don’t Gamble With Your Profits’ “A Women, Indian, Minority Owned
Business With A Combined 27 Years Of Professional Gaming Experience
Specializing In Indian Gaming Properties” Contact Information;
Phone: 1-918-458-9322 ~ 1-702-735-1231
Email: Turnbull@turnbullassociates.com

**Cherokee Trading Post
“Oklahomas finest gift shop with over 100,000 items turquoise jewelry,
pottery, moccasins and authentic Indian handicrafts. Shop our online
catalog on the Net and visit us on I 40, fifteen miles west of El Reno,
Oklahoma.” Jewelry, Moccasins, Books, Cookbooks, Crafts & Just For Kids!

**Cherokee Images: Tribal Art by Ken Masters
“Tribal Art by Ken Masters, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation,
Oklahoma, the second largest American Indian Tribe in the United States,
and a graduate in Psychology from Rice University. Ken now resides in
Houston, Texas. Hear Ken and other Cherokee singers performing traditional
tribal songs on the Language: Songs page in the Culture area.”

**Martha Berry Cherokee Beadwork Artist
‘Pipes, Bandoliers, Moccasins…And More’
“Martha Berry creates Native American beadwork in both
Woodlands and Plains styles, with emphasis on Cherokee
history and lore. Prices range from $20 to $500.”

**All Things Cherokee – Christina Berry
“All Things Cherokee was created by Christina Berry in March, 1998 under the name “The Cherokee Genealogy Page.” Since then the site has gone through numerous changes and grown substantially, but still operates with the original intention of providing helpful and interesting information on Cherokee history, culture, and genealogy.”

**Talmadge Davis, Cherokee Indian Artist
“The preservation of Cherokee heritage and its ancient
history is one of the driving forces behind my art.”
“Talmadge is an award winning artist whose paintings have
evoked powerful emotions and deep appreciation for his
artwork. Talmadge is of Native American descent and
his Cherokee heritage is reflected in his art with vivid
representation of Cherokee heritage.”

**Heritage Art Marketing
“Heritage Art brings you limited edition artwork of
the award winning American Indian Artist Talmadge!”
To order wholesale or retail call: Heritage Art Marketing:
918-485-1616 or 1-800-854-3030 email: suseas@gte.net.

**Welcome to RorexBridges Studio!
‘Art by Jeanne Rorex Bridges, Oklahoma Cherokee Artist’
“Rorex paintings, while seemingly representative of a culture of yesterday, have
established their place in the spirit of today. They exhibit the great respect
the artist has for the individual and nature. Her women’s quiet reserve somehow
convey the power inherent in all women’s contributions to history and to the future.
Using the artist’s recognizable palette of colors, the Rorex unique painting style
captures human emotions with simplicity.” Oktaha, OK

**Twin Territories ‘Oklahoma’s only historical newspaper!’
http://www.twinterritories.com ~*~ E-mail: fgilliam@ipa.net
“It’s not just a thing of the past! We feature people, places,
and events from the past to the present.” Offices located in Gore
and Muskogee, Oklahoma. Owned and operated by Cherokee Nation,
Oklahoma tribal member, Julie Kiddie.
*Welcome to Twin Territories Online Store
http://www.cherokeeswestern.com/ ~*~ E-mail: fgilliam@ipa.net
“Your online source for Books, Music, Artwork, Pottery & Crafts
relating to Cherokees and other Native Americans.”

**Cherokee Woods by Nate ~ Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma tribal member.
“We specialize in authentic American Indian Hand made “Hard Wood”
furniture. High Quality workmanship is our Native American Heritage.”

**John Guthrie, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma tribal member.
“…I want people to understand that events in Indian history did not
always transpire as told by American historians. Even today many things
are not as they appear.”

**Cherokee Jewelry By Jimmie Warnell
“A collection of handmade Native American Indian jewelry, featuring
mostly sterling silver pieces. ALL items are handmade by silversmith
Jimmie Warnell, tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.”

**Indian Pawn Shop
“Mark Wyly opened Indian Nation Pawn in 1988 after spending 16
years in the real estate business as co-owner/manager of a local
firm. “I was looking for something different that was fun yet
provided a service to the public”. Indian Nation Pawn’s motto
“FairPrices, Friendly Service” says it all about how we do business.
Mark believes that everyone, regardless of economic status, should
be treated with respect and consideration.”

A taste of what is found on the following path!

**Genealogy Information! “Concerning Native American Indian Ancestry!”
(Many paths specifically related to Cherokee Genealogy!)
*Genealogy/History Internet BBS!
*Cherokee Research Information
Suggestions in helping to find your roots in the Cherokee Nation
First section could apply to any Nation!) Also included, information
on obtaining educational material for learning the Cherokee language!
*The Native American Collection CD-ROM
“Native American Research Made Easier!”
[New CD-ROM Collection offers fast, simple way
to search the Dawes Final Rolls & access other
information about the Five Civilized Tribes.]

The Jim Hicks Cherokee Page ~ James Raymond Hicks, Alexandria, VA
“I’m researching the Cherokee lineage of the Hicks family and any associated Cherokee lines. Much of my initial information came from Dr Starr’s “History of the Cherokee Indians” (with copious corrections), and from fellow researchers that have been kind enough to share their research efforts. My complete database has over 60,000 linked individuals.”

**RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
“The Internet’s Oldest and Largest Genealogy Resource”
*The USGenWeb Archives
“The USGenWeb Archive was developed to present actual
transcriptions of public domain records on the Internet.”

**The United States Genealogy Web Project:
“An organized effort to organize the genealogy materials on the Internet.
For searching by state, there are already well over 30 state
link’s available to choose from! (Site hosted by RootsWeb)”
*USGenWeb Project North Carolina
*Cherokee County NC
*NC Cherokee Reservation Genealogy – Qualla Boundary

**OKGenWeb Project Oklahoma Genealogy
**Oklahoma Counties
Tribes & Nations Oklahoma Indian Territories Map!
Twin Territories, Oklahoma-Indian Territory Project
“On the morning of 16 November 1907, President Theodore
Roosevelt signed a proclamation declaring statehood for
Oklahoma as the forty-sixth state. In a mock wedding ceremony,
a woman representing the Indian Territory and a man representing
Oklahoma Territory, were united in marriage.”
*Districts of the Cherokee Nation Indian Territory
*The Removal of the Cherokees
*The Civil War in Indian Territory Index Page

**Welcome To Cherokee.Net
“Home of the Cherokee Archival Project”

**Mountain Area Information Network
*Cherokee County — North Carolina
The Cherokee County Webmaster is RoseAnne Shaw
“Located in the southwestern corner of North Carolina in
the Blue Ridge chain of the Great Smoky Mountains, Cherokee
County was formed in 1839 from Macon County. It is in the
western section of the State and is bounded by the states
of Georgia and Tennessee and the North Carolina Counties:
Graham, Swain, Macon and Clay.”

**Native American Documents Project
California State University,San Marcos “The NADP is working to make
documents about the history of federal policy concerning native
peoples more readily available. What you see here is only the shadow
of a beginning.”
*NADP Allotment Data
*The Dawes Act or General Allotment Act of 1887
(**Note: Text of, not a listing of names!)

**Historical, Social, Economic and Demegraphical Census Data
The data here describe the people and economy of the United States
between 1790 and 1860. Data are available for any county in most
states during this time period.

**Genealogy Publishing Service
“Prompt Professional Service At A Reasonable Cost”
*Cherokee Reservation, NC — Genealogy “Qualla Boundary”
*Eastern Cherokee Rolls: List of with description.
*Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Rolls: List of with description.

**Wes Studi Official Web Site
“Cherokee Actor, Musician, Director, Sculptor, Activist”
The StudiGroup Debby Dunn, President Kathleen Walker, V. P. & Webmaster
**Homage to The Cherokees ~ Billy Walkabout
“Billy Walkabout, full-blood Cherokee, was the most
decorated Native American in the Vietnam War.”

**Boat Ross Genealogy Alcove
Site by Kathy Carter White, enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation,
OK. Read, Chapters from A Family History: Carter, Newton, Johnson,
Raper, McDaniels, Rogers, Hopper & Old Hop 1994
*Cherokee History and Surname Genealogy Links
*To Ron’s Cabin
“Featuring Quilt Shows, Non-genealoy Links & Personal Pages.”

**Cherokee by Blood ~ By Jerry Wright Jordan
*Getting Started – The First Step
*The Paper Trail
Cherokee Census Rolls
“The Mullay Roll was expressly limited by the federal government because its purpose was not to enumerate all Cherokee, or even all Cherokee in North Carolina, but only those who were eligible for certain payments.” From John R. Finger, The Eastern Band Of Cherokees 1819-1900, Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1984.
*The Act of Congress Roll
“This small roll (only 88 names) of the Eastern Cherokees is seldom mentioned and often overlooked, yet it was one of the criteria that Guion Miller used in deciding the eligibility of applicants to the Guion Miller Roll of 1906-1910.”
*Chapman Roll Eastern Cherokees
“The Chapman Roll was taken in 1851 by Alfred Chapman. This roll, which followed almost immediately the Siler Roll, was a result of many complaints by various Cherokees of having been omitted by Siler (see Cherokee Census Rolls ).”
*Index to Guion Miller Roll of Eastern Cherokees
“The National Archives has uploaded the digital images of the entire index to the Guion Miller Roll applications. This is a great finding aid. There were 46,000 applications to this important Cherokee Roll. For the first time you can now check online to see if one of your family members applied to be admitted to the Guion Miller Roll.”
*The Black Dutch
“Who Were The Black Dutch??? Your answers ran a spectrum from family tradition through encyclopedia citations, and because your findings may assist others who find this tradition in their family, here are some responses.”

**Native American Genealogy
Great resources from Barbara Benge!
*The Cherokee Page
(general reference material)
*Siler Roll
1851 Census of Cherokee’s east of the Misssissippi
*Genealogy Help
*The Melungeons
*Descendants of Nanye’hi (aka Nancy Ward)

**NARA Archival Information Locator
A Pilot Database of Selected Holdings
*Data in NAIL:
Example – Case files for the more than 50,000 Americans who
enrolled in the Five Civilized Tribes between 1898 and 1914 help
genealogists trace their Cherokee, Creek, or Seminole roots.
*Information Gopher Server
Genealogy Holdings – Microfilm Catalogs

**Cherokee Cousins
Cherokee Genealogy, Language, Culture! Are you trying to verify your
Cherokee ancestry? If so, Cherokee Cousins may be able to help you.
(**NOTE: Business)
*Cherokee Genealogy Books

The Titchenal Cherokee Connection ~ by Oliver Ray Titchenal

“Edited and converted to Web format by Titchenal family members.”


**Oklahoma Historical Society ~ Oklahoma Museum of History
*Cherokee Nation: A Portrait Of A People
“A Photo Essay of the Modern Cherokee” by David Fitzgerald

**Oklahoma State University Library
*Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
Compiled and Edited by Charles J. Kappler
*Chief Wilma P. Mankiller ~ Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation
*Chief Wilma P. Mankiller Collection Endowment Fund http://www.library.okstate.edu/friends/mankiller.htm
The Oklahoma Audio Almanac
*Oklahoma Audio Almanac June 20, 2001
Stand Watie Surrenders – WAV & RealAudio Files
[The Oklahoma Audio Almanac is a production of
the OSU Library and Oklahoma’s Public Radio.]
*Oklahoma Audio Almanac October 18, 2000
Daughter of Dawn / Cherokee Bill – WAV & RealAudio Files
[The Oklahoma Audio Almanac is a production of
the OSU Library and Oklahoma’s Public Radio.]
*Oklahoma Audio Almanac / Cherokee Bill March 14, 2001
[The Oklahoma Audio Almanac is a production of
the OSU Library and Oklahoma’s Public Radio.]

**DPI Distance Learning and Streaming http://video.dpi.state.nc.us/
Documentaries http://video.dpi.state.nc.us/documentaries.html
57 min: 30K Cherokee-56.rm, 80K Cherokee-128.rm, 220K Cherokee-220.rm
*Cherokee: The Principle People
http://video.dpi.state.nc.us/documentaries.html#Cherokee: The Principle People
(The History and Culture of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation) “Host Wes Studi
takes us on a journey of the history and culture of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee
Nation and the inevitable interaction with European visitors to their land. Includes
Cherokee myths of origin, anthropological interpretation, historical re-enactment,
and interviews with native Cherokees in the mountains of North Carolina. Beliefs,
kinship systems, and ceremonies are explored.”

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans
**Cherokee: Sacred Stories ~ Secret Rituals
“View and/or listen to a RealOne Version of The Rattlesnake Story”
“Under old traditional law, the tales or stories were only told
to fellow Cherokee or other Indian People. Even if an individual
was a Cherokee or other type of Indian, they would have to be
invited by the myth keeper or tale teller to hear the stories”
—Eagle Woman, Cherokee Storyteller
**Occaneechi ~ Preserving The Old Ways
“View and/or listen to a RealOne Version of The Snake-Haired Girl”
“Storyteller Lawrence A. Dunmore III serves many roles within his community.
He presently serves as Tribal Council Chairperson of the Occaneechi Band of
the Saponi Nation. He also works as an Attorney Advisor on Federal Indian
Law for the Federal Office of Child Support.”

**Smoky Mountain Mall “Live CAM of the Smokies”
*Smoky Mountain Mall PostOffice – Send & Pick Up Multimedia Postcards
*Cherokee Indians; Origin, Organization & Culture,
Growth & Development, Removal, Eastern & Western Bands
Information via Great Smoky Mountains National Park
*What Makes The Great Smoky Mountain Nation Park Uniqui?
*The Chimney Tops Trail

**Pictures of the Cherokee Nation ~ By Wes
“The Cherokee Nation is located in Northeastern Oklahoma
and includes the beautiful city of Tahlequah. Here are
pictures of just some of the sights that you can see here.”

**Denver Public Library Western History Photos
**Go West Classics ~ Quick access to some of
Denver Public Libraries most requested images!
**For information about purchasing photoprints. [Note call number.]
Search for one or more of the following:
*Search for: Tribal chiefs 1870-1880
*Search for: Cherokee Indians 1870-1880
*Search for: Indians of North America 1870-1880
*Search for: Bureau of Indian Affairs Call Number: X-32648
*Search for: Cherokee Indians, education Call Number: X-32644
*Search for: Se-quo-yah (George Guess) Call Number: X-32662
*Search for: Major Ridge, a Cherokee chief Call Number: X-32665
*Search for: David Vann, a Cherokee chief Call Number: X-32661
*Search for: Map of Eastern Cherokee Nation (unshaded)
Call Number: X-33759
*Search for: Facsimlie Cherokee alphabet before printing
Call Number: X-33761
*Search for: Cherokee potters from the Cherokee village in
North Carolina Call Number: X-32647
*Search for: John Ross a Cherokee Chief Call Number: X-32663 http://gowest.coalliance.org/cgi-bin/imager?10032663+X-32663
*Search for: The “John Ross House” near Chattanooga.
Residence of one of the old Cherokee landholders Call Number: X-32664
*Search for: Cherokee Nation; It’s capitol, rulers, & public institutions.
Call Number: X-33758
*Search for: Miss Kitty Ross, daughter of a leading official of
the Cherokee Nation Call Number X-33794

**Robert N. Clinton ~ University of Iowa, College of Law
“Robert N. Clinton serves as the Wiley B. Rutledge Professor of Law
at the University of Iowa College of Law and an Affiliated Faculty
Member of the American Indian and Native Studies Program of the
College of Liberal Arts.”
*The Cherokee Removal Cases: Cherokee Nation, OK

*Welcome to LASR’s Oklahoma Homepage.
*Cherokee County, Oklahoma
*Tahlequah Oklahoma, Capital Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma
*Mayes County, Oklahoma
J. B. Milam Memorial Marker ~ J. Bartley Milam, Principal Chief of the Cherokees.

Cherokee Trail Of Tears Park ‘Located In Hopkinsville. KY’
“This historic park is one of the few documented sites of actual trail and campsites
used during the forced removal of the Cherokee people to “Indian Territory”. It was
used as an encampment in 1838 and 1839. This park is the burial site for two
Cherokee Chiefs who died during the removal – Fly Smith and Whitepath. This long,
cruel relocation has become known as the “Trail Of Tears” and by Native Americans
as “The Trail Where They Cried”. Every year on the first full weekend of September,
the Trail Of Tears Commission sponsors an intertribal Pow Wow at the park.”

On This Date In North American Indian History
“This site lists over 3000 historical events which happened
to or affected the indigenous peoples of North America. It
also has Tribal name meanings and alternative names, Indian
“moon” names, and links to thousands of other sites.” Site
By Phil Konstantin (Enrolled Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma!)
Tribal Names
“Interpretations for many tribal names & alternative names.”
“Tribal names for the 28 day Moon cycles & different seasons.”
(Includes the 13 moons of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, Assiniboine, Kiowa and Pima.)
“Why January 1, 2000 is not the beginning of the next millennium.”

“Excellent stageplays for children, young audiences and families.
Theatre producers, directors, drama coaches and teachers will find
quality scripts for productions of every size, scope and budget.”
*Trail of Tears “Cherokees removal from their homeland”
*Young Cherokee “Native American culture and myths”
*Legend of the Trouble Dolls “Central American legend comes to life”

**Will Rogers Official Web Site ‘America’s Favorite Humorist’
Courtesy of “Will Rogers Company c/o CMG Worldwide. CMG Worldwide is
the home of properties and personalities considered to be among the
most prestigious in the licensing industry. Based in Indianapolis,
Indiana with a second office in Hollywood, California. CMG Worldwide
secured its position during the 1970s as the premier company for
representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities. Today,
CMG Worldwide represents over 200 diverse personalities and corporate
clients in the sports, entertainment, and music and fields.”

**Southwestern Bell presents Will Rogers
“Welcome to the Will Rogers Home Site”
*Will Rogers Memorial ~ Clarmore Oklahoma
Open 365 Days a Year: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Admission by voluntary contributions.
Nine galleries. Three theaters. Interactive television.
Special children’s museum.

**Will Rogers 1879-1935 ~The Indian Cowboy~
“My ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower, but they met ’em at the boat”
“William Penn Adair Rogers was born on November 4, 1879, in Indian
Territory, an area of land that later would become known as Oklahoma.
Will’s father, Clem Rogers, was a sucessful rancher, cattleman and banker.
The Rogers ranch and Will’s birthplace still stands and is now a tourist
attraction near Oologah, Oklahoma.”

**The American Native Press Archives ‘Sequoyah Research Center’
“The ANPA began in 1983 as a clearinghouse for information on American Indian and Alaska
Native newspapers and periodicals. In the ensuing years, it has evolved as a joint effort
of the Department of English and the Ottenheimer Library, and its mission has changed to
collecting and archiving the products of the Native press and materials related to Native
press history, collecting and documenting the works of Native writers, and constructing
bibliographic guides to Native writing and publishing. It stands today as one of the
world’s largest repositories of Native thought.” University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas
*Features Archive
*Feature: The Genius of Sequoyah

**A Brief History of the Cherokees 1540-1906
“1986 by Mary Evelyn Rogers and 1998 by Edward Andrew Rogers.”
“It is my pleasure to present this WWW version of the book written by my aunt,
Mary Evelyn Rogers to any and all people that are interested in Cherokee Indian
history and culture. This is not a complete work but I believe you will find it
informative and hopefully interesting.”

**Aniyuntikwalaski – Sam Ellis
“We remember the legacy of one of the greatest Original Inhabitants of Turtle
Island (the Aniyuntikwalaski or the People of the Land of Lightning) that the
European invaders attempted to destroy by the ‘doctrine of discovery’ and will
share our memories with you. Their original name is the Chickamaugans. This was
the name of the homelands, the Chickamaugs, they left following the bending stick.”

Cherokee By Blood ~ [Geneology And Historical Information.]
“My name is David Vann, great-great-great grandson of ‘Chief’ Rich
Joe Vann of the Old Cherokee Nation. I am a Charter Lifetime Member
of the Cherokee National Historical Society’s, First Families of
the Cherokee Nation and member of the Association of Professional
Genealogists (APG). The purpose of this page is to help other people
connect to their Cherokee roots.”
CherokeeBlood ~ Cherokee Genealogy Yahoo-Group
We have a mailing group! Join us in Yahoo, Cherokee Blood
group, only for genealogy. To subscribe, send an e-mail message
to cherokeeblood-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. We would love to
see you there!

**Walkingstick of the Cherokee
Contact Michael E.W. Gregory: wauhilau@webtv.net

**Nancy Ward Site by David Ray Smith, Oak Ridge
*Introduction to Nancy Ward
*Dragging Canoe (Nanyehi, aka Nancy Ward’s cousin.)
‘A brief historical sketch of Dragging Canoe’s life.’

**Tom Cornwell’s Cherokee Page

**John Caruso Homepage
*Chattanooga, Tennessee!
*John Ross ~ A. John Ross (1790 – 1866)
[John Ross was elected Principal Chief of this first
Indian republic in 1828, and took the oath of office
at New Echota where he stated, “I do solemnly swear
that I will faithfully execute the office of Principal
Chief of the Cherokee Nation and will, to the best
of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the
Constitution of the Cherokee Nation.”]

**The History of the Cherokee, by Ken Martin
“A tribute to the strength and determination of a people to surive
centuries of trials and oppresion.” (Website by Ken Martin, tribal
member of the Cherokee Nation Oklahoma.)

***The Tennessee Blue Book Online
“The Tennessee Department of State is pleased
to present portions of the Tennessee Blue Book.”
**Tennessee History from the Tennessee Blue Book PDF
*Chapter One: Land and Native People
*Chapter Two: Struggle for the Frontier
*Chapter Three: From Territory to Statehood
*Chapter Four: Tennessee’s Coming of Age
*Chapter Five: Age of Jackson
*Chapter Six: The Times of Troubles
*Chapter Seven: Reconstruction and Rebuilding
*Chapter Eight: Early Twentieth Century
*Chapter Nine: Modern Tennessee

**Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, Oklahoma City, OK
*A Look at Oklahoma ‘A Student’s Guide’
*Oklahoma’s History
*Oklahoma’s Heritage
*Native People

**Welcome to the Will Rogers Home Page
“My ancestors didn’t come over on
the Mayflower, but they met the boat.”

**Civil War at Indian Territory ~ Last Raid at Cabin Creek
The Second Battle of Cabin Creek, Cherokee Nation
A historian’s resource for the last major battle of
the Civil War in Indian Territory September 19, 1864
*Brigadier General Stand Watie, C.S.A.
“General Watie planned the successful raid into northern
Indian Territory. He had to wait for nine months before
his plan was approved by the Confederate high command.”
*Brigadier General Richard M. Gano, C.S.A.

**The “Trail of Tears” in the Southeast Missouri Region
**The Cherokee “Trail of Tears” 1838-1839
Site editor, Danny Farrow, Cape Girardeau, MO
*Stories Along The Trail of Tears Index
*Theodore Pease Russell and “The Trail of Tears”
*Retracing The Trail of Tears
*Timeline 1838-1839
*Map of Trails
*Trail of Tears State Park Homepage

**Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma Historical Society
2100 N. Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-521-2491

**Native America Oklahoma The Five Civilized Nations
Also known as the Five Civilized Tribes, a name used since the middle
of the 19th century for the CHEROKEE, CHICKASAW, CHOCTAW,
CREEK, and SEMINOLE who were settled in INDIAN TERRITORY
(present-day Oklahoma) under the Removal Act of 1830.

***Welcome to North Georgia
**Index: Native Americans in North Georgia
“Features Cherokee, Creek, and Moundbuilders that called North Georgia home.”
*North Georgia History
*The Cherokee Nation
“The Cherokee Nation, largest of the Five Civilized
Tribes of the Southeast, is a people of Iroquoian
lineage. The Cherokee, who called themselves
“Ani’-Yun’ wiya” or “Principal People”, migrated
to the Southeast from the Great Lakes Region.”
*Cherokee Timeline
*Cherokee History Part I
*Cherokee History Part II
*North Georgia’s Gold Rush
*Talking Leaves and the Cherokee Phoenix
*The Trail of Tears
*Map of the “Trail of Tears”
“The route they traversed and the journey itself became
known as “The Trail of Tears” or, as a direct translation
from Cherokee, “The Trail Where They Cried” (“Nunna daul Tsuny”).”
*Northwest Georgia’s Chieftains Trail
“The Chieftains Trail was designated by the 1988 Georgia General
Assembly a state historic trail for the purpose of preservation,
promotion and commemoration of Northwest Georgia’s Native.”
*Cherokee History Links and Resources

*Welcome to GALILEO
‘Digital Library of Georgia’
“A virtual collection of digitized books, images, manuscripts and media
with the emphasis on material important to the history and culture of
the state of Georgia.” [See *Southeastern Native American Documents,
1730-1842. The first 18 months of the Cherokee Phoenix, the first
newspaper published in a Native American language, are available through
the Georgia Historic Newspapers database.]

**The Georgia Newspaper Project, University of Georgia Libraries
*Cherokee Phoenix
“These images were originally scanned at 3000dpi from microfilm.
The images are over 5 megabytes large, and have been reduced
and compressed for viewing here.”

**Native American Conquest
“This is the story of America in the 1540’s, long before
the Pilgrims landed. It is based on centuries of research
and field tracking of Conquistadors through 14 Midwestern
and Southern States. It radically departs from any
translation of America’s Earliest Written History.”
*PARENTS: Why this is not taught in School
*Dynamic Explorers ‘America’s First Teen History Channel’
“About America when Europeans & Africans first arrived.”
*Conquest Records, by Place
“Enter a place name (your City or State, or a River,
Mountain or Region near you) in the Box and press the
Button. Articles from these files, containing that name,
will be listed.”

**WNC Guide
“From the eclectic colors of fall to the peaceful greenery of
spring, the mountains of Western North Carolina are ever-changing,
a haven for artists and businessmen alike. Yet their beauty is as
constant as the friendliness of the people.”
WNC Guide Content http://www.wncguide.com/content.htm
**Map of Western North Carolina Counties
*Swain County
“The heart of the Great Smoky mountains, the home of the
Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, and the beginning
of the Blue Ridge Parkway. When you visit the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park you’re actually visiting the
homeland of the Cherokee people.”

**Flatlanders’ Guide to the Carolina Mountains
The Cherokee Indian Reservation. “THE CHEROKEE” ‘A Story of
Tragedy and Triumph’ by David Redman Director, Tribal Travel
&anp; Promotion, Photos by Carole Herdegen

**Chattanooga Inter-Tribal Association
*the Little Cedar Mountain story: timeline & history
Dragging Canoe & the Chickamauga Cherokee
*The Last Resolution of the original Cherokee Nation
Rattlesnake Springs, Tennessee 1838

**Welcome To Arkansas City, Kansas
*Convention And Vistors Bureau Information
*Cherokee Strip Mural
*Cherokee Strip Land Rush Museum Genealogy Library
Arkansas City, KS 67005

***Gale Group
“Founded 1954, in Detroit, Michigan by Frederick Gale
Ruffner, with the publication of the now-classic Encyclopedia
of Associations, Gale Research, an International Thomson
Publishing Information/Reference Group Company. The company
established a reputation for producing comprehensive, easy
to use and accurate reference books.”
**Women’s History ~ Biographies
*Nancy Ward c. 1738-1824 – Cherokee Tribal Leader
*Anna Mae Aquash c.1945-1976 – American social activist
*Louise Erdrich b. 1954 – American writer

Found on “the People’s Paths home page!”

**Cherokee Territory – Yesterday and Today
“Cherokee Indian Reservation”

**Cherokee Legend – The Universe
“Cherokee Indian Reservation”

**Trail of Tears “An Infamous Journey To An Unfamiliar Land”
“Cherokee Indian Reservation”

**Cherokees’ Treasure – The Great Smokies
“Cherokee Indian Reservation”

**Accounts of the “Cherokee Trail of Tears”
With reference to “Princess Otahki”
By Mrs. Elizabeth Mulligan

**Burning Phoenix:
“A study of Federal acknowledgedment, reorganization and survival of The
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma. This narrative is
a response to the requests of staff of the United States Congress and the
Tribal Council of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma
(UKB) for an explanation of the UKB’s history and circumstances.”

**Background Sketches of The Cherokee Indians
“Compiled by Melodie Sanders – October 26, 1992”
(History, Genealogy, Culture, Bibliography…)

**Treaty by General Watie

**A Bit Of Cherokee History

**The Tellico Plains Mountain Press
Editor: Jack Waters, Tellico Plains, Tennessee
*The Cherokee & Their Land
‘Moytoy, “Emperor” of the Cherokee’
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
*The Cherokee Ball Game
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
*Bat Creek Stone
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
*Cherokee Myths And Legends
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk