Oracle: ThinkQuest Library “Over 7,000 web
sites created by students around the world who
have participated in a ThinkQuest Competition.”
ThinkQuest Library: Native Americans

Institute of Museums and Library Services
Native American Library Services:
Basic Grants with Educational/Assessment Option
Native Hawaiian Library Services: Grant Applications:
Application guidelines for the current fiscal year.

Bay Mills Community College, Brimley, MI ~ BMCC Virtual Library!
“A college that values Native American traditions.”
12214 W. Lakeshore Drive • Brimley, Michigan 49715
Phone 800-844-BMCC ~ FAX 906-248-3351
Three Free Classes: As a demonstration of our commitment to
providing educational opportunities to Native American students
throughout the United States, Bay Mills Community College is
offering three 3 credit, online courses titled:
NA103 – Native American Cuisine
NA110 – Native Americans: Sharing Our Culture and Traditions,
NA129 – Native American Art and Artifacts: Cultural Interpretations

University of Oklahoma Libraries
University of Oklahoma Libraries Western History Collections
Cherokee Nation Manuscript Collections
Chickasaw Nation Manuscript Collections
Choctaw Nation Manuscript Collections
Seminole Nation Manuscript Collections
Creek Nation Manuscript Collections
Cheyenne-Arapaho Manuscript Collections
General Manuscript Collections
Other Manuscript Collections

Talbot Library & Museum ~ Founded by Virgil Talbot ‘Preserving A Bit Of History’ “A Genealogy and Historical Research Library Specializing In: * Cherokee Territory *Northeastern Oklahoma Information and Materials *Northwestern Arkansas Information and Materials. Publishers of History & Research Quarterly, “T.L.& M. Genealogy” and home of the “Goingsnake Messenger”.” Contact: write, P.O. Box 349, Colcord, Oklahoma 74338, phone: 918-326-4532, or send e-mail.

City College of New York ~ City College Libraries ~ News & Exhibits
The Black Seminoles’ Long Road To Freedom

Dine College ~ Tsaile, AZ ~*~ Dine College Library
The Higher Education Institute of the Navajos.

GALILEO: Georgia Library Learning Online “A virtual collection of digitized books, images, manuscripts and media with the emphasis on material important to the history and culture of the state of Georgia.” [See *Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842. The first 18 months of the Cherokee Phoenix, the first newspaper published in a Native American language, are available through the Georgia Historic Newspapers database.]

The Bancroft Library ~ Images of Native Americans “The Bancroft Library presents “Images of Native Americans,” a digital companion to an exhibit of rare books, photographs, illustrations, and other archival and manuscript materials that debuted in the Fall of 2000, to celebrate the acquisition of the University of California, Berkeley Library’s nine millionth volume.”

Black Seminole in Texas and Mexico “The University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) at San Antonio, a multicultural institution focused on the history and culture of Texas, has initiated a program to document the history of the black Seminoles and is committed to assisting them in efforts to preserve their cultural traditions.”

Saskatoon Public Library ~ Research Aboriginal ~ Aboriginal Literature

University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection “We can learn from the images and writings of the time…This site provides an extensive digital collection of original photographs and documents about the Northwest Coast and Plateau Indian cultures, complemented by essays written by anthropologists, historians, and teachers about both particular tribes and cross-cultural topics. The essays include bibliographies and links to related text and images as well as study questions that K-12 teachers may use as they develop curricula in their schools. The digital databases includes over 2,300 original photographs as well as over 3,800 pages from the Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior from 1851 to 1908 and six Indian treaties negotiated in 1855.”
AIPN: Introduction to Essays ~ Maps “Ten essays on specific tribal groups and on cross-cultural topics were commissioned from anthropologists, historians, and teachers who have studied the rich heritage of Pacific Northwest Native Americans. These essays are intended to provide some context for K-12 students and teachers in using the primary sources found in the collection. The essays include some suggested study questions and bibliographies of additional resources.”
Alaskan Tlingit and Tsimshian “Dr. Jay Miller of the University of Washington examines the Tlingit of the Alaskan panhandle and neighboring Tsimshian of the British Columbia coast.”
Assimilation Through Education: ‘Indian Boarding Schools in the Pacific Northwest’ “Carolyn J. Marr , Librarian at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, examines the operation of northwestern Indian schools in her essay on one of the most effective means government officials used in their attempt to eradicate traditional native institutions.”
Totem Poles: Heraldic Columns of the Northwest “Dr. Robin K. Wright, curator of Native American art at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum, looks to folklore for clues to the origin of their form and examines the impact of western influence upon their development.”

Native American Legal Materials “(NALM) microfiche collection is a historical collection of laws, treaties, and law-related materials pertaining to Native Americans (American Indians, Eskimo, and Native Hawaiians). This website was generated from records in the Washburn University School of Law (WUSL), Topeka, Kansas, catalog.”

The Northwest Resistance”A database of materials held by the
University of Saskatchewan Libraries and the University Archives.”
Search [**Note: Try using the keyword “Indian” or “Native People.]
Introduction to the Bibliography “Biographies of Key Participants”
Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear) ~*~ Gabriel Dumont ~*~ Sir Frederick Dobson Middleton
William Dillon Otter ~*~ Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker) ~*~ Louis Riel

Central Michigan University Libraries ~ Clarke Historical Library
Native American Material
Indian Treaties: “Their Ongoing Importance to Michigan
Residents, a presentation of the Clarke Historical Library.”
Intro: Legal Concepts ~ Understanding Treaties
Federal Education Policy & Off-Reservation Schools 1870-1933
Text of Michigan Related Treaties
Fort Greenville, Ohio, 1795
Detroit, 1807
Foot of the Rapids (Fort Meigs) 1817
Saginaw, 1819
Sault St. Marie, 1820
Chicago 1821
Carey Mission, 1828
Chicago 1833
Washington, 1836
Detroit, 1837
La Pointe, 1842
Detroit 1855 three separate treaties
Isabella Reservation, 1864
Historical Issues
Relocation: The Potawatomi experience
Land Distribution and Ownership
Contemporary Issues
Fishing Rights
Casino Gambling
Tuition Waiver Programs
Federal Education Policy

The Valley Library ~ (OSU) Oregon State University Libraries
Multimedia Listing * Native American Studies
Oregon State E-Campus ~ Online Degrees

Sequoyah Research Center ~ (ANPA) American Native Press Archives
“In keeping with the Sequoyah Research Center’s purpose of preserving
and disseminating the written words of Native peoples, this site
provides research materials documenting all aspects of life among
American Indians, Alaska Natives, and First Nations of Canada.”
ANPA Tribal Writers Digital Library
Antiquities of the Cherokee Indians
Indian Voices from the Trail of Tears
The Genius of Sequoyah ~ The Greatness of Sequoyah
By James W. Parins, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Denver Public Library * Western History Photos
“the Photograph Collection – Western History / Geneology
Department Denver Public Library”
LinkTown Kid’s Website! “Welcome! The Denver Public Library
has put this website together just for kids!”

Labriola National American Indian Data Center “Department of Archives and Manuscripts University Libraries Arizona State University” Tempe, Arizona

Oklahoma State University Digital Library
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties ‘Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler.’ “Volume I (Laws, Compiled to Dec. 1, 1902), Volume II (Treaties, 1778-1883) Volume III (Laws, Compiled to Dec. 1, 1913)”

Web Resources for Tribal Libraries “Welcome. This site provides links to potential funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries. A tribal library may be public, academic, school, or special, such as archival or museum. We hope that our search of the Web will prove useful for you.” Contact Elaine Cubbins, UofA.
Techniques for Evaluating American Indian Web Sites
Useful Web Sites for Tribal Libraries

California Academy of Sciences “Golden Gate Park”
Sciences Library Special Collections ‘Elkus Indian Papers’ “The Elkus Collection includes some 1700 Native American items including pottery, paintings, jewelry, textiles, kachina dolls, baskets, beaded material, and musical instruments from the Southwest, California, the Northwest and Alaska.”
Stories By Ben Elkus * The Elkus Collection of Eskimo Paintings

Media Resource Center “University of California, Berkeley”
Indigenous Peoples of North & Central America
The Movies, Race & Ethnicity videography
Native Americans
Ancient and Classical Civilizations “The Americas”
Ethnography and Folk Culture
Aztec, Maya, Inca, Olmec
Indigenous Peoples of North America

Omaha Indian Music “Featuring traditional Omaha music from the 1890s and 1980s. From the American Folklife Center, American Memory, Library of Congress ( AFC-LC). Browse by: Music, Photographs, Spoken Word, Events, Pow-Wow, Audio in Sequence.”

University of Georgia Libraries
Digital Archive! “The Georgia Newspaper Project and
The Hargrett Library – Special Collections”
Cherokee Phoenix

Internet Public Library “Based at the University of Michigan School of Information,
Ann Arbor, Michigan.” ~ Reference Center
Native American Authors “This website provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites.”

The World Wide Web Virtual Library “The VL is the oldest catalog of the web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of html and the web itself. Unlike commercial catalogs, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn’t the biggest index of the web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the web.”
The Center For World Indigenous Studies (CWIS)
Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library
The Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies
Aboriginal Languages of Australia
“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages”

The Newberry Library 60 W. Walton St. Chicago, IL 60610
The D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History
Chicago Metro History Education Center
“Northwest Ordinance and Expansion”
Black Hawk Stands Alone
Marker near Quincy “…reminder of Potawatomis’
tragic Trail of Death.”
Regional Symbol

North Carolina Newspaper Project “State Library of North Carolina”
Index of N.C. Newspapers by County
Cherokee County, N.C. Newspapers

The California Indian Library Collections (CILC): “Funded with the aim of returning unique cultural materials to California’s Native Americans and making the collections available to all citizens through their local libraries.”

The General Libraries: A digital library initiative of
The University of Texas at Austin.

Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
University Libraries ~*~ Libraries/Library Catalogs

University of Michigan ~ UofM Library
University of Michigan Document Center
“Epidemiology Data for Native Americans”

Library of Michigan: “Our mission is to promote, advocate, and consistently work to achieve the highest level of library service to our clients.”
Michigan Library Association
MEL “The ‘Michigan Electronic Library’ provides information resources for the citizens of the state of Michigan.”
Search MEL: “Quick Search, Advanced Search, Help”
Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library
Public Libraries of Saginaw
Bay County Library System
Chippewa River District Library (Veterans Memorial Library) Mt. Pleasant
Valley Library Consortium Online Catalog: (SVSU) Saginaw Valley State University [To login, at the welcome prompt, type: valcat]

ArchNet “Serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology. This server provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet.”
Cultural Resource Management and historic preservation.
US Cultural Protection Legislation

MC Journal The Journal Of Academic Media Librarianship
Table of Contents
Health of Native People of North America: An Annotated Mediagraphy

How To Obtain Eagle Feathers “With additional information about Hawk feathers.”
Information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Michigan Indian Press ‘Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians’
523 Ashmun, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 Phone: 1-906-635-6050 (ext.26069)
Send e-mail to: jdumback@saulttribe.net

Spirit Talk Press “Publisher of all things Indian… means books by and about Indians… and all things by and about Indians. It is especially the host site for information about the Blackfoot. Spirit Talk Press is located in the heart of the Blackfoot Nation, some say Blackfeet Nation.”

John F. Blair, Publisher ‘Publishing Books of the Southeast Since 1954’
Contact Ed Southern, Director of Sales, 800-222-9796, Winston-Salem, NC
Cultural Studies ~ History
Cherokee Voices Early Accounts of Cherokee Life in the East
Edited by Vicki Rozema
Footsteps of the Cherokees: A Guide to the Eastern
Homelands of the Cherokee Nation, by Vicki Rozema

Heyday Books “Heyday Books is dedicated to producing high-quality, accessible books about California. Founded in 1974 by Malcolm Margolin, Heyday has maintained a highly-respected list of titles covering California history and culture, natural history, literature, poetry, regional guides, and California Native American life for over 25 years.” Native American Books ~ Magazines Published by Heyday
Check out our newest books and our upcoming author events!
News From Native California Magazine ~ Current/ Back Issues
‘An Inside View of the California Indian World’
P.O. Box 9145, Berkeley, California 94610
Phone: 510-549-2802 ~ FAX: 510-549-1889
E-mail: news@heydaybooks.com
Links to Online Resources

Mountain Press Publishing Company “Mountain Press publishes the Roadside Geology and Roadside History series, books on birdwatching, plants, wildflowers, horses, fishing, Lewis & Clark, earth science, Native Americans, and Will James reprints. We distribute titles on Southwestern USA, Pacific Northwest, Rick O’Shay western comics, and Yellowstone National Park guidebooks and field guides.” Missoula, MT

The University of Chicago Press/AAUP: “Association of American University Presses”
Complete Catalog of Books in Print
U.S. Bookstores: List of bookstores in the United States Select a region: East, Central, or West. (**Note: Some listed have URL’s)
International Bookstores: Select a country/region: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Taiwan ROC, Hong Kong, Mexico. (**Note: Some listed have URL’s)
AAUP Combined Catalog Project/U of Chicago AAUP
Combined Catalog/Bookstore: Guidelines for searching.
Search by Press: Comprehensive list of presses!

University of Missouri Press
Disputing the Dead: U.S. Law on Aboriginal Remains and Grave Goods
The Osage: An Ethnohistorical Study of Hegemony on the Prairie-Plains
The Many Hands of My Relations: French and Indians on the Lower Missouri
The Trail of Tears across Missouri

Duval House Publishing “Duval House Publishing/Les Éditions Duval, Inc. began publishing in the fall of 1992. Since that time we have produced over 60 titles. Our primary focus is First Nations language learning material with a specific emphasis on Cree and Blackfoot material.”

Ayer Company Publishers Website ~*~ American Indians

The University of Arizona Press: “Publisher of Scholarly Books & Books about the Southwest”
Hopi dictionary new tool to keep language, culture alive
Books by/about Native Americans ~*~ Book Excerpts List
Spider Woman Stories ~ G. M. Mullett
Sample: Legends of the Hopi Indians

Norman Ross Publishing Inc. Native American Studies
The American Indian Oral History Collection
Words & Place: Native Literature from the American Southwest

The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia
First Nations “A Catalog for BC Books for BC Schools”
BC Books for Literacy Index by subject! “A collection of 20 books from B.C. Publishers for adult new readers and literacy providers.”

Red Crane Books “Our mission is to publish books that present the rich and complex cultures of the Americas in a manner that fosters understanding and respect.”
Native American Books

KIVA Publishing Inc. “Publisher of books, notecards, holiday greeting cards and prints featuring the art and culture of Southwest Native Americans.”

National Academy Press ‘Publisher for the National Academies’
“Read over 1,500 books online!”


”People’s Paths Bookstore and Musicstore!”

Tribe of Two Press “Tribe of Two Press
publishes the work of author Paula Underwood.”
P.O. Box 133 Bayfield, Colorado 81122

Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers & Storytellers
Wordcraft Circle Yahoo Group

Kay Marie Porterfield “Live Your Creative Vision ~ Creative Growth and Healing”
The Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World
“15, 000 years of Inventions and Innovations. This is the first A to Z reference of its kind and has an American Indian author. Written by Emory Keoke, an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Kay Porterfield, a former instructor at Oglala Lakota College, the 400 page hardcover reference contains over 400 entries; mentions 180 tribes and cultural groups in North, Meso-,and South America; and has 12 maps and 72 illustrations. Subject areas include science, technology, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, environmental science, and metallurgy. Facts on File, Inc., is the publisher. The book is written at the 9th grade reading level.”
Ten Lies about Indigenous Science – How to Talk Back
By Kay Marie Porterfield Co-author of the Encyclopedia
of American Indian Contributions to the World
Resources for Selecting Fair and Accurate American Indian Books

Official Website Potawatomi Fables by Jack Wooldridge The home of Winnie Two-Shadows and the Potawatomi Fables, a series of childrens books. Long before Walt Disney’s Pocahontas came along Potawatomi children had their own heroine – Winnie Two-Shadows. I am a Native American writer/illustrator and this series grew out of stories told to my own Potawatomi granddaughter, Shuly. Although the heroines and heroes are Indian children, all children, and grown-ups too will enjoy these lavishly illustrated original books. They contain a little history, a little language, and a lot of exciting adventure.” [**Note: Potawatomi Fables Calendar’s are also availble.’

The Official Sherman Alexie Site
[Your source for all the Sherman Alexie madness you can handle.]
This site was created in 1996 by Rani. It was made official in January 1999.
Contact: Webmistress: Rani, fallsapart@usa.net and/or
Sherman Alexie’s assistant: Christy, christyc@fallsapart.com
Listen to Sherman Alexie on NPR’s Wait Wait “Don’t Tell Me”
Not My Job! (14.4 | 28.8) Aired July 14, 2001
“Author Sherman Alexie plays “You’re The Star of the Most Famous
Honeymoon Video Ever Made…”–a game about Mötley Crüue.”

Abenaki Warrior ‘The Life and Times of Chief Escumbuit’ “Escumbuit was indeed a hero to the French, a monster to the English and a patriot to his Abenaki Indian Nation. He is at once unique, daring, bewildering and ferocious, yet he is also human. In the end, he understood his own doom and that of his people.” by Alfred E. Kayworth
Native American and Colonial History discussion web!
Hosted Courtesy: abenakiwarrior.com

The Heard Museum Bookstore and Shop Publications “Native Cultures and Art”

H-Net Reviews ~*~ Search “H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences is an online scholarly review journal. Mark Kornbluh is the managing editor of H-Net Reviews, and James Sleight is the assistant editor. Each H-Net discussion network has its own review editor.” University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

Blue Corn Comics ~ Peace Party ‘A multicultural comic book featuring Native Americans’ “Two young heroes fight everything from prejudice and pollution to supervillains and the supernatural. An ongoing series from Blue Corn Comics.”

Oyate “…is not a bookstore. Oyate is a Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed honestly, and so that all people will know our stories belong to us.” Berkeley, California

“So Sings The Blue Deer” By Charmayne McGee – Learn of the Huichol Indian Tribe “A Book Written for Youth And Enjoyed by Adults!”

Lies My Teacher Told Me Written by James W. Loewen “Winner of 1996 American Book Award, 1996 AESA Critics’ Choice Award and Oliver Cromwell Cox Award for Distinguished Anti-Racist Scholarship”

Totem Poles: An Exploration: Online Information Including Paths to (Authentic) Totem Pole Photos and Bits of Totem Information! Book Ordering Information!
THE COMPANION SITE! Books by Pat Kramer
Discover the Native Sites in Western Canada: Some Online Information! Book Ordering Information!

GORP “Great Outdoor Recreation Pages” AND CYBERWEST Magazine
Southwest Colorado – The GORP Guide “From Anasazi ruins
to the soaring San Juans…”
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
More Than Moccasins: “A Kid’s Activity Guide to
Traditional North American Indians” by: Carlson
Ancient Native American Sites by Michael S. Durham
Native Roads: Guide to the Hopi and Navajo Nations “by Fran Kosik, published by Creative Solutions Publishing”

A Hundred Miles Of Bad Road “An Armored Cavalryman in Vietnam, 1967-68” By Dwight W. Birdwell (Former Justice of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.) and Keith William Nolan (Noted Author)

Cherokee History Book: “A History of the Judicial Appeals Tribunal (Supreme Court) of the Cherokee Nation 1990-1996” (Available from the offices of the Cherokee Nation Judicial System.)

The Native Book Centre “Established in 1986 when it became evident that the subject of North American Indians was of growing interest.”

Guidon Books “Located in Scottsdale, Arizona for more than thirty years and has an extensive collection of new and out of print books on the American Civil War and Western Americana. American Indian Books * Recent Publications * Rare Publications

ECO BOOKS: “A mail order bookstore featuring books on the environment. Each book we offer has been selected for the outstanding contribution it makes to understanding the critical environmental issues facing us today.”
Book List ~ “Changes in the Land” describes the changes in New England’s plant and animal communities that occurred with the shift from Indian to European dominance. by William Cronon

Advanced Book Exchange “The INTERNET’s only full-featured information service for buying and selling out-of-print, used, rare and antiquarian books.”
Trish Hughes, Bookseller: Fine Used & Rare Books * Bought – Sold – Searched “We specialize in Native American Literature & Authors and Natural History Literature.”

This Hope Farm Press & Bookshop Established in 1959 in Cornwallville, Greene County, NY, by Charles Dornbusch
Native American Books ~*~ Genealogy

The Avid Reader “Used and Rare Bookstore” Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Search using “Subject: Native American”

Heritage Books, Inc. “Find Your Ancestor’s In Heritage Books”
Indian Heritage

Books on Chaco Canyon, Native American Folklore, Anthropology, New Mexico, Western Women by Kathryn Gabriel ~*~ Order Information
Chapter One: “Marietta Wetherill: Life Among the Navajos of Chaco Canyon”
by Kathryn Gabriel, (UNM Press 1997)
Essay: Gambling and Spirituality, a New Anthropological Perspective “The 3,250-word article is a compilation of papers written at the request of two Native American groups exploring the pros and cons of gambling. The article is based on the book, Gambler Way, and was not written to endorse either side of the issue.”

Native American Book Store On the unofficial site of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “Welcome to our book store. In association with Amazon books, we offer one of the largest selections on books that deal with the Choctaw people and Native Americans in general.”

Greenfield Review Press “A Native owned and managed 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your link to thousands of Native authored books and cassettes. ‘Stop learning about Native Americans and start learning from them!'”
Greenfield Review Literary Project Proudly Sponsors the following website:
The North American Native Authors Catalog

Continuity Press ‘Quality Publications for All Time’ “Specializing in Regional Genealogy and History. We carry books about Melungeons, Native Americans of the Southeast, African Americans and books about our region’s families, history and culture. Generally, this means if you had family in the Middle Appalachians or Cumberland River-Plateau we have books you might like. Our military section covers the same region.”

4 All Books ‘We son’t sell you down the river…’ “We are a virtual bookstore within a RealWorld bookstore located in California since 1989. We have extensive experience in the book field, new and out-of-print. We can get virtually any title in print for you (this generally means recent books, that the publishers still have in stock).”

Carlisle Indian School: A Working Bibliography

Repatriation Foundation ~*~ Mending the Circle: A Native American Repatriation Guide “The first comprehensive guide outlining the repatriation process as set forth by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) of 1990 is here!”

Oxford Books: “Oxford Books is a 25 year old Atlanta-based bookstore that ships books to readers, schools, institutions & businesses throughout the United States and around the world.” Order books right online or use their 800 number! (**NOTE: Search using the keywords: American Indian or Indian Wounded Knee)

Center for Indigenous Arts & Culture ‘Santa Fe, New Mexico’
“The Center for Indigenous Arts & Culture, under the direction of Gregory Schaaf, Ph.D. (Cherokee), works on cultural preservation projects within communities. It Develops educational curricula, books, courses and events to achieve broad outreach. The center advances multicultural education through perspectives of indigenous peoples from around the world. CIAC coordinated presentations by Pueblo Indian educators at the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples’ Education.” A division of Southwest Learning Centers, Inc.
[A nonprofit, educational organization, est. 1972]

The Great Peace…’The Gathering of Good Minds’ CD-ROM
“The Great Peace CD-ROM project has designed an educational interactive CD-ROM that can be accessed by a wide range of students from a variety of backgrounds. Our elementary and high school students today have a keen awareness of computer technology. So, a teaching tool that combines technology with cultural content is an exciting way to build on their current knowledge base.”

Children’s Book Author Cynthia Leitich Smith ” Jingle Dancer is Cynthia’s first book. It was released by Morrow/HarperCollins in April 2000. JINGLE DANCER is the story of Jenna, a contemporary Muscogee (Creek)-Ojibwe (Chippewa) girl who in bringing together her regalia draws strength from the women of her family and her intertribal Native American Indian community in small town Oklahoma. Cynthia lives in Austin, Texas, is a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Nation, a recovering lawyer and journalist, and an enthusiastic reader.” [Jingle Dancer is available for order now, by way of Amazon.com!]

Cherokee Proud ~ Second Edition By Tony Mack McClure, Ph.D
‘A Guide for Tracing and Honoring Uour Cherokee Ancestors’
“Guides family researchers in easy steps to an often elusive area of the forest where proof of ancestry hides in the undergrowth, waiting to be discovered. Contains in-depth census rolls information, but because many Cherokees were never put on the rolls, also includes numerous other little known places to search.”

William Loren Katz ~ Black Indians/Black Pioneers “William Loren Katz, historian and author of almost 40 books on African American History.”
Africans and Indians: Only in America by William Loren Katz


1st Hand History.org – Early American History
“Written accounts from the 1700’s and 1800’s”
1st Hand History.org – Library Index Early American History Archive
“The documents in this archive are presented as graphic images of
the original pages. Although the images take longer to load, they
give the the viewer a more complete impression of the document,
while appearing more authentic and accurately displaying the text.”
Se-Quo-Yah (Sequoyah) By George E. Foster, Published in 1885
Autobiography of Black Hawk (MA-KA-TAI-ME-SHE-KIA-KIAK)
And a General History of the Black Hawk War of 1832
By J. B. Patterson, Published in 1882
Legends of the Iroquois, Told by “The Cornplanter”
By William W. Canfield, published in 1902

Fort Benning: The Land and the People By Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton
“The NPS is pleased to bring to the public, Fort Benning: The Land and the
People. Working in partnership with the Southeast Archeological Center of
the National Park Service, Fort Benning’s Directorate of Public Works,
Environmental Management Division has held responsibility for the conduct
of numerous archeological and attendant historical studies conducted on behalf
of the U.S. Army. In this volume, the authors, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton,
ably reprise and make accessible an overview of this research, and more.”
* Foreward ~ Acknowledgements ~ Figures ~ Credits ~ Search

Book: Tour of the Florida Territory during the Seminole Wars, 1792-1859.
“I started this web page in 1996 as a short history Florida’s Creek, Seminole, and Miccosukee Indians during their darkest hour: the wars of removal in the first half of the 19th century. Driven out of what is now Alabama and Georgia by the English and Americans, refugees from the Creek Confederacy formed what is today the Miccosukee and Seminole Tribes in Florida. Although it is a tragic story, it is also one of survival because these people still exist and thrive in Florida today.”
By Chris Kimball

The Jim Hicks Cherokee Page ~ James Raymond Hicks, Alexandria, VA
I’m researching the Cherokee lineage of the Hicks family and any
associated Cherokee lines. Much of my initial information came from
Dr Starr’s “History of the Cherokee Indians” (with copious corrections),
and from fellow researchers that have been kind enough to share their
research efforts. My complete database has over 50,000 linked individuals.
Cherokee Lineages By James R Hicks Jr.

Totem Poles: An Exploration by Pat Kramer
“The Totem Pole is an representing Native
family kinships and stories. This web
site explores myth and magic from the
coast of British Columbia to Alaska.”

University of Nebraska Press ~*~ UNP E-Editions
Black Elk’s World ~ Black Elk Speaks “21st Century Electronic Edition”
“For those interested in Nicholas Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks, and
the history and culture of the Lakotas, a new website entitled “Black
Elk’s World” will be a valuable resource. “Black Elk’s World” offers
the full text of the twenty-first century edition of Black Elk Speaks.”
Native Writers Speak “Winners of the North American Indian Prose Award”

Indian History And Genealogy ‘As it pertains to the good Sachem Massasoit of the Wampanoag Tribe and his Descendants, With an Appendix By Ebenezer W. Peirce of Freetwon, Mass. Published by Zerviah Gould Mitchell. 1878.’ “It is my pleasure to make this extraordinary book available to the public.” –Susan S. Martin, Worthington, MA
New England Indians ~*~ Online Book: Indian History And Genealogy ‘As it pertains to the good Sachem Massasoit of the Wampanoag Tribe and his Descendants, With an Appendix By Ebenezer W. Peirce of Freetwon, Mass. Published by Zerviah Gould Mitchell. 1878.’ “This is the story of a conquered people, told by those who conquered them. It has a definite beginning, but the ending is yet to be written.” –Susan S. Martin, Worthington, MA

Books by Bruce Stapleton, offered by iUniverse.com “A native of Oklahoma, Bruce Stapleton has had a long-time interest in American Indian history. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma and military service, he has pursued careers in journalism, military intelligence, and software training and support.”
Read The Hollyhocks Trail ~ by Bruce Stapleton “A gripping story of redemption and reconciliation, set amid the turmoil of Cherokee removal, the Trail of Tears, and the Civil War. Josh and Nelley grew up together in what now is northern Georgia. Separated as children during the Indian removal of 1838, the book traces their tragic experiences on the “Trail of Tears” and their disjoined lives up to the end of the Civil War. A story of redemption and reconciliation, it is full of insights into Cherokee history and culture.” Paperback ISBN: 0-595-12458-5
Read Watonka ~ by Bruce Stapleton “Mysterious visitors help the Great Spirit bring peace to the tormented souls of Arapaho ghost dancers. In a dream, the Great Spirit reveals to the descendant of a Sioux warrior how children will help bring peace to the tormented spirits of Arapaho ghost dancers. Two mysterious young visitors join forces with two boys in a small Oklahoma town, and are led to Little Fox, the great-niece of a revered Cheyenne medicine man. The children uncover a long-forgotten journal of the medicine man, which describes a Cherokee formulae used many years before to cure Arapaho chief Watonka of cancer.” Paperback – ISBN: 0-595-12926-9

Forgotten Founder ~ By Bruce E. Johansen ‘Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution’ “Complete on-line reproduction, reprinted with permission of the author. Courtesy of rat haus. We are very grateful to Bruce Johansen for his generosity of spirit in allowing us to replicate this book. Hardcopy is available as a trade paperback for $9.95 from Harvard Common Press, 535 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118.”

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Presents Our Educational Comic Book Series
A Hero’s Voice * Download Entire Comic (PDF) * A Teacher’s Guide
Dreams of Looking Up * Download Entire Comic (PDF) * A Teacher’s Guide
The Woodlands Video and Teacher’s Guide “The Story of the Mille Lacs Ojibwe” (Video Documentary and Teacher’s Guide about the history of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Narrated by Graham Greene)

National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) ~*~ Smithsonian Institute
Native Networks (NMAI English) “The Film and Video Center of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) announces a unique new Website devoted to Native American media: film, video, radio, television and new media, throughout the Americas. The site presents feature articles and related links, Native media news, resources for producers and for the general public and a catalog of outstanding recent productions. The Website is bilingual-English and Spanish.”
Rede Sindigenas (NMAI Español) “El Film and Video Center del National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) presenta un nuevo y único sitioweb dedicado a los medios de comunicación indígenas: cine, video, radio, televisión y nuevos medios-de toda América. El sitio presenta artículos y vínculos a sitios relacionados, noticias del ámbito de los medios de comunicación, datos y recursos para realizadores y para el público en general, además de un catálogo de sobresalientes producciones recientes. El sitio es bilingüe-en inglés y español.”

Taking From The Heart American Indian Activists Featured
in “People of the Seventh Fire” By Brenda Norrell

The Seminole Tribe of Florida: “Legendes of the Seminole” by Betty Mae Jumper
Forward by James Billie Chairman, Seminole Tribe of Florida
The Legend of Gray Bear A sample story…
The Seminole Tribune: “The Native’s Voice”
(Member of the Native American Journalist Association)

The Unconquered Seminoles by Dru J. Murray “Absolutely Florida Magazine”
(Florida History – Native Peoples)

The Unofficial N. Scott Momaday Cover Page
Research: A Pulitzer Prize winning Native American Author
Information on “House Made of Dawn”
Some Reviews of “The Ancient Child”
Information on acquiring: copies of movies, television shows, videos, transcripts, etc.

Jim Thorpe: Athlete of the Century Campaign (1888-1953) Read “Jim Thorpe, World’s Greatest Athlete” by Gregory Richards. Foreward by Grace Thorpe.
Printable petition: declaring Jim Thorpe “America’s Greatest All Around Athlete of the Century”.

Life Web – The Works & Workings of Elisabet Sahtouris: “Earthdance” is a book about Living systems in Evolution, available for reading by taking this path.

The On-Line Books Page Hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.
American Indian Stories By Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin)
Dakota Sioux Indian, Washington Hayworth Publishing House 1921
Impressions of an Indian Childhood 7
The School Days of an Indian Girl 47
An Indian Teacher Among Indians 81
The Great Spirit 101
The Soft-Hearted Sioux 109
The Trial Path 127
A Warrior’s Daughter 137
A Dream of Her Grandfather 155
The Widespread Enigma of Blue-Star Woman 159
America’s Indian Problem 185

Arthur’s Clasic Novels ~ Index ‘Free Novels! No Registration!’ “Many of these books are standard HTML and should load well into any browser. Others are in XML and may not work with older browsers!” Subjects include; Bahá’í Writings | Children’s Stories | Wild West Stories | Northern Sagas | The Koran | Various Books | Etext Sources | The Shadow | Horror Tales | Gothic Tales | Short Stories | Religious Material | Fairy Tales | Mystery Stories | Oz | Women Authors | Boy’s Own | American Tales | Frontier Days

Project Gutenberg ~ Project Gutenberg Austrailia “Project Gutenberg is the brainchild of Michael Hart, who in 1971 decided that it would be a really good idea if lots of famous and important texts were freely available to everyone in the world. Since then, he has been joined by hundreds of volunteers who share his vision.”
The Telectronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
UofV Electronic Text Center Subject: Native Americans
Search: University of Virginia users ~ Search: Other users
(All unrestricted works including Native American texts.)
The Modern English Collection: Browse
Texts by and about Native Americans
Young Joseph – An Indian’s Views of Indian Affairs 1879
Zitkala-Sa – The Trial Path October 1901
Zitkala-Sa – Old Indian Legends 1901
Zitkala-Sa – The Soft-Hearted Sioux 1901
Zitkala-Sa – Impressions of an Indian Childhood 1900
Zitkala-Sa – A Warrior’s Daughter 1902
Naming the Indians, By Frank Terry
Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government – Indian Policy
Have We Failed with the Indian? ~ By Henry L. Dawes
Published Atlantic Monthly, New York 1899
The Indian Territory. ~ By the Hon. Henry L. Dawes, LL.D.
Published The Independent, New York 1900
“Formerly U.S Senator from Massachusetts, and Chairman
of the Dawes Commission for the Five Civilized Tribes.”
Essay: The Last of the Five Tribes ~ By Grant Foreman
Published Overland Monthly CA. Pub. Co., March 1907
Ah-nen-la-de-ni [La France, Daniel] An Indian Boy’s Story
English; Mohawk non-fiction; prose Native AmericanYoung Readers
Abbott, Jacob: Aboriginal America 1860
Eastman, Charles Alexander, [Ohiyesa] 1858-1939
Browse Modern English E
Ohiyesa: Old Indian Days 1907
Ohiyesa: The Madness of Bald Eagle 1905
Ohiyesa: The Soul of the Indian 1911
Ohiyesa: Indian Boyhood 1902
Edwardy, William M.: The Navajo Indians 1890
Cary, Elisabeth Luther The Book Buyer – New York, New York 1902
Recent Writings By American Indians 1902
Cary, Elisabeth Luther; Zitkala-Sa. Old Indian Legends
Grinnell, George Bird; Little Friend Coyote

Teaching Indigenous Languages “This site is an outgrowth of a series of conferences started in 1994 at Northern Arizona University. At the heart of this site are 35 full text papers from the 1997 & 1998 conferences published in TIL and Revitalizing Indigenous Languages.”
BOOK: Learn in Beauty ~ Indigenous Education for a New Century
Edited by Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard, W. Sakiestewa Gilbert
Papers Published In Honor Of Regents’ Professor Dr. Gina Cantoni
Upon Her Retirement From Northern Arizona University
Copyright © 2000 by Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
ARTICLE: Keeping Cultures & Communities Strong on Hopi
By Janel States James, Reprinted by permission from
the November 29, 2000 issue of the Navajo-Hopi Observer.

Tribal Fires “This website is dedicated to Native Artists and Writers
and to Anishinabe Cultural Preservation in Arts, Language and Living.”
Gallery ~ Artists/Writers ~ Ojibwe Language ~ Creative Journal
Tribal Fires Writers Profiles
Anne M. Dunn “Anne is Anishinabe and is from White Earth Reservation and resides on Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota. A story teller, published writer, and poet. Author of ‘When Beaver was Great’.”
Cherylin ZhaawinoogIkwe Martin ~ Anishinabe, Wolf Clan “Cherylin is Anishinabe and is from Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. A musician, published writer, and poet. Editor and founder of Tribal Fires Journal: A Native American Creative Writers Journal.”

American Memory
Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from
Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864 “Personal memoirs of a residence of thirty years with the Indian tribes on the American frontiers: with brief notices of passing events, facts, and opinions, A.D. 1812 to A.D. 1842. By Henry R. Schoolcraft.”
Blackbird, Andrew J. “History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan; a grammar of their language, and personal and family history of the author, by Andrew J. Blackbird. [Blackbird, aka Mack-e-te-be-nessy, was an Ottawa chief’s son who served as an official interpreter for the U.S. government and later as a postmaster while remaining active in Native American affairs as a teacher, advisor on diplomatic issues, lecturer and temperance advocate.]”


the People’s Paths Cherokee Culture Library
“Cherokee Culture/History/Facts Index”
Cherokee Culture Facts Index~ By Wendell Cochran
“Cherokee Master Craftsman and National Living
Treasure in the Area of Traditional Clothing.”
A citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
Cherokee Cultural Tidbits Index
“Cultural Information and Stories!”
Courtesy Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center

Traditional Cherokee Stories ~*~ Cherokee Messenger
Courtesy of the Cherokee Nation Cultural Resources Center
Legend of the First Woman (Selu) ~ Legend of the Wren
The Beginning/Legend of Strawberries ~ Legend of the Corn Bead
Why the Owl Has a Spotted Coat ~ Spirit of Little Deer
The Ice Man ~ River Cane Flute

Joyce Parker’s Home page “I taught at Cherokee Elementary School from 1991 through May of 2000. I was a substitute from 1991-1992, then became a full time teacher in both special education and a regular 4th grade classroom. I am now operating a small business.” Cherokee Legends “Retold by Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian children.”

The American Indian in the Great War: Real and Imagined
By Diane Camurat: Master’s Thesis submitted in 1993 to
the Institut Charles V of the University of Paris VII
WWI and its Consequences: American Indian Service in WWI
Chapter Two: American Indian Service In WWI

Welcome to the Legends Site! “This site presents tradition
native legends in a multimedia format to you. These stories
here are from the Northwestern Ontario Region in Canada.
The legends are available in English and Oji-Cree.”

Tribal College Journal “The TCJ provides information for
everyone interested in American Indian higher education.
Subscribe to Tribal College Journal, a publication of AIHEC.

Twin Territories ‘Oklahoma’s only historical newspaper!’
Also providing Cherokee Genealogy Research Assistance
The Little People Of the Cherokee “Stories of the Yunwi Tsunsdi”

The Online Archive of Nineteenth-Century U.S.
Women’s Writings, Edited by Glynis Carr
Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin) (1876-1938)
‘A Biography, by Roseanne Hoefel.’
“Impressions of an Indian Childhood” from The Atlantic Monthly (1900).
“The School Days of an Indian Girl” from The Atlantic Monthly (1900).
“Why I Am a Pagan” from The Atlantic Monthly (1902).

The Encyclopedia of Hotcâk (Winnebago) Mythology ~ Introduction
Richard L. Dieterle, editor and compiler
Glossary of Indian Nations

Joyce Sequichie Hifler ~ Da Ga No Hi Ski-Di Go We Li SGi (Name given by Cherokee Nation, translated: She Who Writes Her Philosophy on Paper) “Author (‘Cherokee Feast of Days’), Newspaper Columnist, Speaker. Joyce Sequichie Hifler is a nationally syndicated columnist and the author of 8 inspirational books. Descended from the Sequichie family who emigrated to Oklahoma over the Trail of Tears, she grew up in Cherokee country in rural Oklahoma.”

Mike Boucher’s Home Page ~ Choctaw History, Stories and Info
“These articles were taken from various sources and are
individually referenced if known.”
Choctaw Legends and Stories ~ Choctaw Origins Legends
Choctaw Flood Legends ~ Choctaw Funeral Customs
Choctaw Trail of Tears ~ Choctaw “Chahta” Chiefs
Choctaw Courtship & Marriage Customs

The 1st Hand History Foundation ~ Roseburg, Oregon
“Early American History Written accounts from the 1700s and 1800s.”
Topical Archives Index ~ Early American History
Library Index: Early American History Archive
“The documents in this archive are presented as graphic images of
the original pages. Although the images take longer to load, they
give the the viewer a more complete impression of the document,
while appearing more authentic and accurately displaying the text.”

Prologue Quarterly of (NARA) National Archives and Records Administration
“Thus Spoke Chief Seattle: The Story of An Undocumented Speech”
By Jerry L. Clark (Published Prologue: Quarterly of the National
Archives and Records Administration, Spring 1985, vol. 18, no. 1)

Gilbert Oskaboose Column ‘Serpent River First Nation, Northern Ontario.’
“Gilbert Oskaboose is a 59 year old Ojibway from the Serpent River First Nation in northern Ontario. He is disabled, retired, and currently engaged in a class action law suit against the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the federal Department of Indian Affairs for their respective contributions to a residential school lost childhood. You can contact Gib by email.
Watch out for some elders! By Gilbert Oskaboose

Muse Project ~ The American Indian Quarterly 24.3, Summer 2000
‘Sample Issues and Journal Descriptions’
Plastic Shamans and Astroturf Sun Dances:
New Age Commercialization of Native American Spirituality
By Lisa Aldred ~ American Indian Quarterly 24.3 (2000) 329-352
The Indian Health Service and the Sterilization of Native American Women
By Jane Lawrence ~ American Indian Quarterly 24.3 (2000) 400-419
Poetry: Invisible Indians ~ Romantic Savage ~ Lost Bird
By Sara Littlecrow-Russell ~ American Indian Quarterly 24.3 (2000) 454-455

The Battle of Tippecanoe ~ By Reed Beard
Fourth Editiona Copyright, 1911 by Reed Beard
Hammond Press, W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago
Preface and Table of Contents

The Odyessy ~ United States Trek “Taking youth and educators through
the history and culture of the United States — via the Internet!”
Native American Responses through the Mid-1800’s
Stephanie – Defending Sacred Land: the Unconquerable Seminoles
Stephanie – Three wars, thousands of troops and 100 utterly unconquerable Seminoles.
Stephanie – Sequoyah’s talking leaves, or how the Cherokees took back their voices.
Nick – A warrior, a prophet and a general unravel the Creek nation
Nick – Let’s lose Chief Win ‘Em All
Nick – Still walkin’ the Trail of Tears
Team – Beware: Surprise Indian attacks ahead!

Tannery Whistle ~ Let me tell you a story. Folk Stories With Gary Cardin!
“I live in the heart of Southern Appalachia near the Cherokee Reservation.
I was raised by my grand-parents after the loss of both of my parents and
grew up listening to a great deal of folklore, both Cherokee and Appalachian.”
Cherokee Myths & Legends:
The Uktena, as told by Gary Carden
Spearfinger, as told by Gary Carden
The Taste of Strawberries, as told by Gary Carden

Native American Sacred Sites And The Department of Defense
Edited by Vine Deloria, Jr. The University of Colorado and
Richard W. Stoffle The University of Arizona, Submitted to
United States Department of Defense Washington, D.C., June 1998

Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point
Wabanaki and the Passamaquoddy Legends and Stories

Tales and Trails of Wakarusa By A. M. Harvey of The Topeka Bar
Produced by Early Kansas Imprint Scanners.
The Trail of the Sac and Fox
Tales and Trails of Wakarusa, by A. M. Harvey
An Indian Christmas (A legend of the camp by the spring)
Tales and Trails of Wakarusa, by A. M. Harvey

Native American Lore – Contents
“Stories from America’s Indigenous Peoples”
Cherokee Creation Story ~ The Bear Legend
Why the Possum’s Tail is Bare ~ How The Milky Way
Red Bird Gets His Color ~ The Legend of The Cedar Tree
The Origin of Strawberries

The Encyclopedia of Hotcâk (Winnebago) Mythology
Richard L. Dieterle, editor and compiler

Native American Legends, Folk Tales, and Stories
Legends of the Blackfeet ~ Legends of the Kiowa

Arctic Cyber Anthropology “Welcome to Arctic Cyber Anthropology. My name is Neil Blair Christensen. I work as a Journal Publishing Manager for Munksgaard; a publisher that specializes in scientific journals within the Blackwell group. I am also affiliated with the Department of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen, where I teach from time to time, and from where I have a BA and an MA.”
Inuit in Cyberspace: “Practising and Constructing
Computer-mediated Space” By Neil Blair Christensen

Sacheen Cruz Littlefeather Refused 1993 Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando.
“And the reason for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry… excuse me… and on television in movie re-runs, and also the recent happenings at Wounded Knee.”

The Native American Nations of the Black Mesa Region “This document covers the ancient and modern history of the Anasazi, Hopi, Navajo, and neighboring peoples of the Four Corners region, with information on the cultures and environment of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau.” Site by T.K. Reeves

A Website of Mohawk History ~ By Akiatonharonkwen
‘Indian of the New Millennium (C) 2001: Mohawk Multimedia’
“The Wampum Chronicles Salutes The Mohawk Ironworkers Working
at Ground Zero Niawenkowa, and keep up the good work!”
Kaniatarowanenneh: River of the Iroquois “The Aboriginal
History of the St. Lawrence River ~ By Darren Bonaparte”
The Seven Nations Of Canada: The Other Iroquois Confederacy
“This ‘other’ Iroquois Confederacy was known variously as the Seven Nations of Canada, the Seven Fires, and the Seven Tribes. This alliance of villages, located along the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries, consisted of Iroquois, Algonquins, Hurons, Abenakis, and Nippissings who were allies of New France until the British conquest of 1760. The Mohawks, who played a leading role in its inception, referred to it in their own language as Tsiata Nihononwenstiake, or the “Seven Lands.” By Darren Bonaparte

Beads and Manhattan Courtesy of TheBeadSite.com
‘Center for Bead Research, Peter Francis, Jr. Director’
“Did beads buy Manhattan Island? They could
have, but there is no evidence that they did.”
Beads Buying Manhattan, Part 2
(The Manhattan Project II)
Jokes about “Beads Buying Manhattan Island”
The Romance of the Purchase of Manhattan

The Slave Narrative Collection ~ Index “Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1938 Oklahoma Narratives, Volume XIII (369 pages) A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves.”

New Netherland Project Home Page
The New Netherland Project – Documents, Peter Schaghen Letter
“Peter Schaghen, the author of this document, was the representative of the States General in the Assembly of the Nineteen of the West India Company. In the late summer of 1626 he reported the arrival of the ship Wapen van Amsterdam, newly arrived from New Netherland. In his report to the directors of the WIC he announced the purchase of Manhattan Island for the value of 60 guilders. The Schaghen letter is the earliest reference to the purchase of the island which would become the center of New Netherland. The original of this document is held by the Rijksarchief in The Hague.”
Translation of the Peter Schaghen letter. Rcvd. 7 November 1626

Otacimow ‘Contemorary Native Storyteller’ “Devin Bellerose is Otacimow. Otacimow (pronounced O-TACH-ee-mow), is Plains Indian (Woodland Cree), born and raised on the Driftpile Reserve in Northern Alberta. Translated in English, Otacimow means storyteller.” Listen to audio clips from Otacimow “Possums Tale” CD
Audio Files Require Flash Plug-In.

Lakota Teaching Project “The purpose of the Lakota Teaching Project is to help Lakota Middle School students better understand their heritage and traditional values.”
Read “Lakota Stories” Online

The Titchenal Cherokee Connection ~ by Oliver Ray Titchenal
“Edited and converted to Web format by Titchenal family members.”

The Tellico Plains Mountain Press
Editor: Jack Waters, Tellico Plains, Tennessee
The Cherokee & Their Land
‘Moytoy, “Emperor” of the Cherokee’
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
The Cherokee Ball Game
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
Bat Creek Stone
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk
Cherokee Myths And Legends
By Hiwassee History Professor Lowell Kirk

Aboriginal Youth Network ~ Culture & Traditions
AYN Legends “For thousands of years Aboriginal people have sat around campfires passing on the stories of our ancestors. The stories we now call legends came from many nations and covered many different themes. Legends were used to teach a lesson, perhaps share a bit of humor, but most importantly to pass on the customs, beliefs and traditions of our people. Each storyteller has their own way of telling their stories so therefore legends change over time.”

Techqua Ikachi ~*~ Techqua Ikachi Index ‘Land and Life The Traditional Viewpoint’ Hopi Elders speak by way of 44 newsletters published over the past 20 years.

Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust
“The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples
by Church and State in Canada. By (Rev.) Kevin Annett”
(Published by The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada)

R.R. Bowkers BookWire ~ Index ~ Search
“BookWire is the book industry’s most comprehensive and thorough online information source. BookWire’s content includes timely book industry news, features, reviews, guides to literary events, author interviews, thousands of annotated links to book-related sites, and more.”
Review ~ Shooting The Lone Ranger Essay By Thomas King
About ~ American Indian Ballerinas By Lili Cockerille Livingston
Review ~ Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie
Review ~ Killing The White Man’s Indian:
Reinventing Native Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century
by Fergus M. Bordewich

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma
The Keetoowah, the U.S. Government, and Arkansas “The First Annual Native American Symposium, held at the University of Arkansas, February 3-4, 1995, was sponsored by the University of Arkansas Native American Student Association, Alpha Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, and the Religious Studies Program. Conference Director was Dr. Frank Scheide.”
Keetoowah Identity
Introduction: Dr. Frank Scheide, UA Department of Communication
Keetoowah History and Prophecy Chief John Ross
Indian Law and the United Keetoowah Band
Panel Introduction: Dr. Frank Scheide, UA Department of Communication
“Indian Law,” Robert Laurence, UA School of Law
“Structure of the United Keetoowah Band,” Mose Killer
“Federal Non-Recognition of Native American Tribes,” Allogan Slagle
“Arkansas and the United Keetoowah Band,” Matthew Warner

Native American Reports By the Third Graders in Mr. Cuff’s Class,
Carminati Elementary School Tempe, Arizona.

Speech Communications at University of Washington “425 American Public Address”
Chief Sealth, Response to Washington v.1 1854 “H. A. Smith, “Early Reminiscences. Number Ten. Scraps From a Diary. Chief Seattle – A Gentleman by Instinct – His Native Eloquence. Etc., Etc.” Seattle Sunday Star, October 29, 1887, p. 3. [UW Microforms Newspapers, Uncat. no. 212 reel 1.] Lacunae filled in from Frederic James Grant, History of Seattle, Washington; With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, (NY: American Publishing and Engraving Co, Publishers, 1891): 433-436. [UW Special Collections Reference 979.743 G76]”

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans “Created by Bryan Acree, John Ikeda, and Marcela Musgrove for JOMC 125, ‘Cybercasting and Cyberpublishing’ at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.”
Cherokee ~ Lumbee ~ Occaneechi

Animal Brides and Animal Bridegrooms ‘Tales Told by North American Indians’
Web site by Professor D. L. Ashliman retired May 1, 2000, from the University of Pittsburgh. Ashliman now conducts his folklore research from southern Utah, he can be contacted by e-mail: ashliman@hotmail.com.

Information About Innu History and Culture
Stories, Myths, Articles and more…
The Story of the Disappearing Apishtiss (Brant)
Dogs of the Labrador Indians – Frank Speck Article, 1925
Innu Tea Dolls ~ Angela Andrew: Master Maker of Innu Tea Dolls
Kushapatshikan: the Shaking Tent
Innu Mythology ~ How Anikunapeu Took A Wife

The Internet Sacred Text Archive “A freely available non-profit archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. This site promotes religious tolerance and scholarship. Sacred-texts does not favor any particular religion or spiritual beliefs.” — J.B. Hare
Sacred Texts: Native American ~*~ Aztec ~ Native California
Cherokee ~ Hopi ~ Inca ~ Iroquois ~ Navajo ~ Zuni
Indian Myths of South Central California
By A. L. Kroeber [1907]
University of California Publications
American Archaeology and Ethnology VOL.4 NO.4
The Traditions of the Hopi by H. R. Voth [1905]
Field Columbian Museum Publication 96
Anthropological Series Vol. VIII
The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet
by Arthur C. Parker (Iroquois) [1913]
The Dîné: Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians
by Aileen O’Bryan [1956]
Bulletin 163 of the Bureau of American
Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution
Myths Of The Cherokee By James Mooney
From Nineteenth Annual Report of the Bureau
of American Ethnology 1897-98, Part I. [1900]
Sacred Texts: Bahai’i ~*~ OCRT: Baha’i Faith
The Kitab-i-Aqdas ~ The Kitab-i-Iqan ~ Epistle to the Son of the Wolf

“Tell Me A Story” Stories as Adapted by Amy Friedman
Illustrated by Jillian Gilliland (Universal Press Syndicate)
The Didjeridu (an Australian Aboriginal legend) 03/07/2004
Nanabosho And The Flood (a Chippewa Indian tale) 10/26/2003
Voices of the Earth (a Mayan creation story) 12/28/2003
Paul Bunyan Plants Corn (an American tall tale) 04/28/02
Toad On The Moon (a Salish Indian tale) 04/14/02
Rabbit and the Summer Sun (a Native American tale) 06/23/02
LONE BIRD (a Chippewa tale) 06/09/02
Dance of the Little People (a Iroquois tale) 11/26/00
Hiawatha’s Farewell (an Iroquois tale) 08/06/00
Rabbit’s Trick (a tale from Sierra Leone) 08/27/00
The Owl’s Eyes (an Australian Aboriginal tale) 08/20/00
Rhiannon’s Sorrow (a Welsh tale) 06/18/00
The Scarecrow’s Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving story) 10/10/99

Bedtime-Story – For the Busy Business-Parent
Whimsical Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages
Special Section: Native American Bedtime-Stories
Courtesy of Home Office Mall
Iroquois: How Fire Came To The Six Nations

Bedtime-Story™ ~ For The Busy Business-Parent
Whimsical Stories for Children of All Ages
The Office™ – The Summerland Group, Inc.
The Native American Bedtime-Story Collection
“The majority of tales featured here are the original, and each will indicate from which tribe it originates. Tales which were inspired by Native American folklore are also found in this section, but have been marked accordingly.”
Turtle and the Skybowl “Inspired by the Pueblo Indian culture is this clever tale of how the turtle came to earn her shell and the vulture his curved beak. Links to sites inviting you to learn more about the fascinating Pueblo Indian Culture.”
The Dream Horse “(Inspired). Young Billy, visited in his dreams by a beautiful golden Palomino horse, suddenly develops an affinity for naps, since sleep is the way he contacts his new-found friend Pal. Billy’s parents smile over the descriptions of Native American friends his vivid imagination produces. Or is it his imagination?”
Apache: How the Buffalo Were Released on Earth “A powerful being keeps all the buffalo for himself. They’re penned up in the mountains. Coyote wants them free to roam.”
Apache: Creation Story “In the beginning nothing existed; no earth, no sky, no sun, no moon, only darkness was everywhere…”
Apache: The Origin of Fire “Long, long ago, animals and trees talked with each other, but there was no fire at that time. Fox was most clever and he tried to think of a way to create fire for the world.”
Hopi: Yaponcha – The Wind God “Long, long ago, the Hopis were greatly troubled by the wind. It blew and blew and blew and blew — all the time. The Hopis planted their crops, but before the seeds could begin to sprout, the wind blew the soil and seeds away. The people ask the help of two of the five grandsons of Spider Woman.”
Iroquois: How Fire Came To The Six Nations “Three Arrows was a boy of the Mohawk tribe. Although he had not yet seen fourteen winters he was already known among the Iroquois for his skill and daring. He is about to test his bravery and earn a new name.”
Iroquois: The Girl Who Was Not Satisfied With Simple Things “There once was a girl who was not satisfied with simple things. Her parents despaired of ever finding her a husband she would accept. Each man who came was not good enough. “That one was too fat; he will never do.” Or “Did you see how shabby his moccasins were?” Or “I didn’t like the way he spoke.” Such were the things she would say. One day, a handsome stranger arrived. What will she think of him? And who is he really?”
Navajo: At The Rainbow’s End “The beautiful goddess First Woman is captured by an evil giant. She must hide her twin sons to protect them. How will she accomplish this?”
Lakota (Sioux): The Gift Of Corn “A hermit falls asleep and is visited by a mysterious spirit.”
Lakota (Sioux): The Origin of the Prairie Rose “Mother Earth yearns for a bit of beauty on her prairies but the Wind Demon is determined not to let her have it. Who will win?”

Journal of a Cherokee Indian Girl (1838-1839) “Journal/Diary Pieces (9/18/97) Part of the Countries of the World Collection. Little White Dove and her family are forced to leave the Cherokee Nation’s homelands and relocate to a land the white man called Indian Territory.” From Kelly Bartlett, Age 13 Georgia, USA, Age last edited: 11. Courtesy of About.com: Creative Writing for Kids

Greg “Griz” Prusik ‘Singer ~ Songwriter ~ Author’ “A veteran of television and radio, Griz draws inspiration from both his Anishnaabe and Irish backgrounds, weaving dramatic lyrical webs that capture our ancient whispers, speaking of ghostly loves, historical longings and hidden secret places. Row to a shipwreck with the old lighthouse keeper-Hear the haunting voice of a sailor’s ghost-Ride the Great Lakes storm tossed seas.” Let Griz be your guide! Send e-mail to Griz in St. Helen, Michigan
Michigan Lighthouses ~*~ Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival
7406 US 23 North Suite C Alpena MI 49707
General Info E-mail: info@lighthousefestival.org
Telephone: 989-595-3632 ~ FAX: 989-358-9095
Ballads of the Great Lakes(CD) from Wooden Ships Music
Griz Prusik at MainStreet CD “Listen to Mp3 samples!”
Last Walk (mp3) ~ We’ve Got To Save The Manatee (mp3)

Navajo Spaceships, Star Mountain and Rez Memories
An Online Writing Journal, Prose & Poetry
by Norman Cambridge, aka “Johnny Rustywire”, Navajo

The Navajo Creation Story ~*~ By Harrison Lapahie Jr. ~*~ Home
Sacred Mountains ~*~ Sceneries
Map of Navajo Country (Diné Bikéyah)
“Settlements, some with original Navajo names.”
Navajo Timeline Pre-Columbus (To 1492)
Navajo Leaders ~*~ Navajo Clan Names ~*~ Census
Navajo – Hopi Land Dispute

Jesus Before Columbus Time ~ By Edna Chekelelee Read a Cherokee
story from, ‘Living Stories of the Cherokee’ by Barbara R. Duncan.

Nisga’a: People Of The Nass River “If you are wise enough you will make a book out of these stories from Ayuukhl Nisga’a and pass on, from generation to generation, the wisdom the Elders passed to me. I did not invent these stories. They come from up and down the Nass River and tell how the Nisga’a live. When my time comes to leave this world, you’ll have these stories to tell.” (This book (published in 1993) was dedicated to the people of the Nisga’a Nation and holds images which represent the culture, community and life of the Nisga’a people. Published by Douglas and McIntyre Vancouver/Toronto, Copyright 1993 Nisga’a Tribal Council.)

Museum Home Page * Welcome to the Chickasaw Nation Museum Index Page
“Index to Facilities, Legends, Customs, Cultural Characteristics.”
The Legend of the Big White Dog and the Sacred Pole
Legend of the Flood ~*~ Marriage Custom

Romancing the Indian “Sentimentalizing and Demonizing In Cooper and Twain”
Created by Adriana Rissetto

Hershman John Poetry “Navajo poet from Tuba City”
Hershman John Poetry & Other Writings

The Center for World Indigenous Studies
Fourth World Documentation Project ~ Fourth World Journal
‘Indigenous Peoples’ Information for the Online Community’
‘Chief George Manuel Memorial Library and Archives’

Encyclopedia Mythica: An Encyclopedia On Mythology, Folklore, Legends, And More…
Native American mythology
Kanati and Selu, by Grey Bear “The following legend is from traditional Cherokee oral tellings. It was also recorded in 1888 by James Mooney in a US Government Report titled: ‘5th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology’.
Medicine: The coming of medicine

Fahan School Homepage
Traditional Stories From Around The World

Skunk and Opossum Folk Tales, Myths, Fables, and Legends
“I’ve always enjoyed tales about skunks and opossums. To me, most fascinating ones were told by Native Americans.”

The Art and Poetry of Judi Brannan Armbruster
“This page is dedicated to my Grandmother,
Elizabeth Frazier Brannan, Karuk Tribe of California.”

Stories of the Potawatomi People: “From Early Days to Modern Times”
Gary E. Mitchell

Stories of Navajo Crafts and Tradition: As told by ‘Ndahoo’aah staff elders.

The Paiute Story of Creation (On the PCS Education Systems Home Page)

StoneE’s WebLodge ~*~ Native American Lore Index Page

Dinetah’s Home Page ~*~ Darren Christmas of Katy, Texas.
An Old Man’s stories around the Campfire. Stories Legends and Lore,
situated around a campfire at night.
Tales from the Story Blanket Weaver Stories, Legends and Lore,
from the Southwest, Navajo, Hopi and Pubelo peoples.
Tales of Origin and Creation Stories, Legends and Lore,
these deal with the origin and creation of things.

Listening to Native Americans: Making Peace with the Past for the Future by John Barry Ryan (Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture Vol. 31, No.1 Winter 1996 pp. 24-36)

Many Worlds A collection of works from several authors!
The Six Nations: “Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth”
Forgotten Founders: “Benjamin Franklin, the Iroquois and the Rationale for the American Revolution” By Bruce E. Johansen (The complete book!)
“An Annotated Bibliography” Native American Political Systems and the Evolution of Democracy by Bruce E. Johansen (Professor of Communication and Native American Studies University of Nebraska at Omaha)

Dibaajimowinan idash Aadizookaanag “True Stories – Many truths.”
Presentation by Paula Guiese, still with us in spirit!
Native American Books:
Oyate a group of Indian parents, librarians, teachers, writers, artists who formed in the mid-1980’s to try to do something about the bad Indian books for kids found in libraries, and widely used in schools. (Oyate: A Nation in Lakota)

History Buff’s Homepage: “This site is devoted to newspaper printing and publishing history and American history in general.”
Reference Library
Newspaper Corresponent Killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn

Encounters With Aboriginal Philosophers: Site by Alan Kent Gorg

Storytellers Native American Authors Online Site by Karen Strom

Sacred Geometry, Coherent Emotion & The Earth Grid: David Winter Home Page “San Graal School for Sacred Geometry”
The Green Dragon: Pathways to the third millenium! Turtle EyeLand “The Unity of Biology and Ecology with Spirit” explorations by David Yarrow & friends!
Turtle Island “Indigenous creation myth!”
List of Turtle EyeLand Publications

Western Washington University Planetarium Bellingham, WA
(..they came to a round hole in the sky, burning like fire.
“This” said the Raven, “is a star.” ~ Inuit legend)
American Indian Starlore Compiled by Planetarium Guide, Brad Snowder
Brad Snowder Personal Web Site “A graduate of physics at WWU, and holds the Astronomical League’s Herschel and Messier Certificates for deep sky observing programs. Being part Choctaw Indian he has a special interest in American Indian starlore.”

Lone Star Culture Cafe ‘Courtesy Lone Star Mall’
Stories fromPurple Sage Elementary School
“Fourth Grade Round Rock ISD, Austin, Texas.”
“The Legend of the Sunflower” by Crystal Klinger-Smith
“The Legend of the Lilly Pad” by Stacey Patriquin
“The Legend of the Spiderwart” by David Williams
“The Legend of the Goldenrod” by Franziska Roesner
Quanah Parker ~ Chief of the Commanches “Quanah, meaning ‘fragrant’, was born about 1850, son of Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, a white girl taken captive during the 1836 raid on Parker’s Fort, Texas.”
Famous Texans ~*~ Quanah Parker ~ Sam Houston


Peoples of the Northern Great Plains – Online Database
“The Institute of Museum and Library Services”
IMLS is an independent federal agency that fosters
leadership, innovation and a lifetime of learning.

Rock Art In Arkansas “Arkansas possesses one of the richest concentrations of rock art in eastern North America. Human, animal, geometric, and abstract motifs are rendered in carved and pecked (petroglyph), painted (pictograph), and combination styles. These images provide fascinating glimpses of the world as viewed by Arkansas’ former inhabitants.” Just for Kids – Series of short stories!

1895 U.S. Atlas Indian Nations “If your system can handle the download
and or the printing of these large images then the state map is for you,
if not then try the smaller county images which may be easier to handle.”
For more information contact Pam Rietsch.

The Curtis Collection “The Curtis Collection has ownership of the world’s
largest, most extensive collection of Copper Photogravure Plates ever
produced or assembled. These Copper Photogravure Plates represent the life
work of Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) and his massive documentation
of Native Americans, “The North America Indian.” Visit the Gallery.
Tribal Index of “The North American Indian”
Photos, with quotes, and written accounts.
The Apache ~ The Jicarilla ~ The Navaho ~ The Comanche
Native American Biographies and Portraits (gravures)
Volume-3 Biographical Sketches, Notes from
“The North Americn Indian” By ES Curtis
The Little Bighorn-Description of the events
Of “Custer’s Last Stand” by ES Curtis.
The Little Bighorn-Addendum to the Curtis account
By The Curtis Collection
Demise of the Buffalo ~ by Edward S. Curtis
From Volume 3 (published 1908)

Flury & Company Ltd. “In business at its present location in Seattle, Washington since 1981, Flury & Company Ltd. has established itself as one of the leading galleries in the world dealing in the purchase and sale of Edward S. Curtis photographic works.”
Edward Sheriff Curtis Gallery Index ~ Select a gallery…
Special offerings of Edward S. Curtis photographs
Southwest photos by Edward Curtis
Northwest Coast and Alaska by Edward S. Curtis
California and Great Basin
Plains and Plateau photographs by Edward Curtis
See a Video clip of Edward Curtis’ 1914 film,
In the Land of the War Canoes.

Detroit Institute of Art ~ DIA Native American Art
“On a basic level, objects allow us to enter into another world.”

Native American ~ Art, History and Cultural Tour
By John Henry Roache (non-Indian)
Did You Know Archive Of Facts Index of “Did You Know” Titles…

Canada’s Digital Collections “CDC showcases over 400 Web sites celebrating Canada’s history, geography, science, technology and culture. One of the largest sources of Canadian material on the Internet, Canada’s Digital Collections has employed more than 2,700 young Canadians to date, under contract to Industry Canada. The program is funded by the federal Youth Employment Strategy.”
Aboriginal Digital Collections ~ ADC Alphabetical List “ADC, Industry Canada’s pilot program, is a unique opportunity for Aboriginal Canadians to preserve, celebrate and communicate their heritage, languages and contemporary life by developing and accessing materials over the Information Highway. The program will pay Aboriginal youth to create web sites featuring significant Canadian Aboriginal material.”
Virtual Journey: Signing of Treaty Nine “This is a record of the journeys undertaken by Duncan Campbell Scott and his party in 1905 and 1906 to offer Treaty Nine to the Ojibway and Cree people.”

Welcome to the Rosebud Indian Reservation Photo Gallery “All Photos in this Gallery were furnished courtesy of Rosebud area photographers who include Fred Moore, Margaret Mackichen, Jackie Colombe, Pearl Leader Charge, and The Horse Spirit Youth Ranch/Cathy Young.” ‘Land of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate’

Dr. Tom’s Home Page ~ Thomas W. Kavanagh, Curator
Of Collections Mathers Museum Indiana University
Reading Photographs: Comanche Domestic Architecture
Reading Photographs: The Wanamaker Collection
Reading Photographs: Visualizing the Ghost Dance
Reading Photographs: Pawnee Images

Sarah Penman ~ Images of Native American “For over 10 years, Sarah Penman has been photographing, filming, and documenting the Nations of Native America.” Sarah Penman is the author of “Honor the Grandmothers: Dakota and Lakota Women Tell Their Stories,” Minnesota Historical Society, November 2000. Hardcover ~ Paperback

Rick’s Photo Gallery ‘Pics by Rick’ “I am a photographer in the 4-corners area. I enjoy shooting sports of all type and have been published in The Farmington Daily Times, and The San Juan Sun. I have photos in ads that have been placed in the Navajo Times.”

Udo Radlhammer Photography “This is my window to the
world. Look through it to see the world with my eyes.”
Thailand’s Ancient Cultures ~ Temples of Thailand
Angkor Wat – Cambodia ~ Journey to Nowhere
California’s Missions ~ Monument Valley
American Indian Pow Wow

Kjell Hoegman’s Tribal Police Badge & Patch Tepee “I am a Tribal Police badge and patch collector from Sweden. I will display parts of my collection here and my tradelist from where we can trade. The displays are just that and nothing on them is available for sale.”

D. H. Monet’s Studio
Archive of Monet’s Daily Cartoons
April 07, 1997; Who killed Dudley George?
Jan. 28, 1997; INNU Found Land?
Jan. 08, 1997; The Clearcut Forest
July 26, 1996; Custer’s Last Words
Oct. 26, 1995; Cree of Canada vote NO to Quebec
Oct. 26, 1995 Dudley George dies in war on natives.

“The Flags of the Native American Peoples of the U. S.”: NAVA is proud to announce the publication of Don Healy’s scholarly journal of vexillology, the study of flags, their history and symbolism.
List of Tribes that have adopted flags “Their designs are included in the book “The Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States”

Native American Flags Animated by Don Poss

“A Mayan Struggle” By Vince Heptig; Introduction by Rigoberta Menchú Tum; Photographs of the Mayan Indians of Guatemala; A Modern Day Struggle for Human Rights

The 5 Z’s Home Page: Magnificent Graphical Guide to Endangered Species and more!
The Boy Scouts of America Emblem: (The ORDER of the ARROW)

Museum of the Rockies ~ Photo-Archive “The Museum of the Rockies Photo-Archives is a preservation and research collection of historical photography from the Northern Rockies Region of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Fine Arts Collection Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University-Bozeman (MSUB).”
Blackfeet Indian Tipis: Design and Legend
Portfolio Foreword by John C. Ewers
“Painted Tipis of the Blackfeet Indians” by John C. Ewers
View Database Portfolio Listings, Legends and Images
Indians of North America

Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Hair Pipes in Plains Indians Adornment

Historical Maps of the United States: The Perry-Castañeda
Library Map Collection at The University of Texas at Austin