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Cherokee Language Lessons
"With Sound / WAV Files"

Courtesy of Bo Taylor, EBCI
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

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Cherokee Language Lessons: Cherokee language study with emphasis on the Eastern dialect or the Giduwa dialect. Includes sound recordings. Offered by the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee, North Carolina. Visit the museum and/or contact James 'Bo' Taylor for more information!

Cherokee Commands 1.1
Giduwa Lessons from Bo Taylor

Suggestion: "If you are able, record these phrases and act them out as they are spoken. If you do not have a recorder, speak the commands out loud and perform the action yourself." -- Bo Taylor

* Stand up ~ Ta-li-hv-ga * You stand up.
* Sit down ~ ha-hv-ga * You sit down.
* You open it. * You close it.
* You count * You dance. * You go.
* You move. (out of the way)
* You sing. * Stop ~ ha-le-wi-s-da
* Stop what you are doing and come here.
* Turn around ~ ha-g-ta-hv-na
* Take bowl and set on the table.
* Get up. (from a lying position)
* Give ball to brother.
* Give cold drink to sister.
* Give yellow paper to mom.
* Buy it? * Blow it. * Brew it.
* Bless it. Bless me.
* Be happy.
*Walk ~ he-da


* Ask me! * Are you scared?
* What are you going to do today? * What did you bring?
* What you thinking? * When are you going?
* When best time to visit you? * When did you get here?
* When did you go to the store? * Does it fit him?
* Where did you get paper? * Where did you get pencil?
* Where did you get the rock? * Where is your home?
* Where did you get coffee?

Phrases pertaining to food!

* Hot * Cold
* Stir it. * Pour it. * Brew it.
* Man coffee he wants.
* Man hot coffee he wants
* The fat man strong coffee he wants.
* Bring fried chicken.
* Pretty woman fried chicken she is craving. (conversation)
* Pretty woman fried chicken she is craving. (formal)
* She is craving watermelon.
* Mayonnaise *Mustard * Ketchup
* I brought cabbage.
* I am craving watermelon.
* You are craving watermelon.
* I am still hungry.
* I want a peach.
* You want a peach
* He wants a peach.

Everyday phrases!

* I understand you.
* I do not understand you.
* It is still raining.
* It fits him. *It fits me. *It fits you.
*I am still here. *I am still sleepy.
*He/it is scary *I am not scared

Misc. words!

* hateful *Halloween *witch

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